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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All You Were Carrying was….a Fake Heart with Fake Identity!! - Priyanka Chahande

What Identity you should carry, when you knock at the doors of a Girl’s heart??
Who are you? What do you want from me?,  the Questions a Girl’s heart was asking before allowing him to enter....
Standing at the entrance, there you were with your charming face, carrying lots of affection with beautiful smile you said: “I am a Boy’s heart. I am here in a search of heart- full of love, affection and care.”

Girl’s heart smiled and said: “why you are in search of another heart?”

Boy’s heart replied: “I am all alone and need lots of love and care. Will you help me to find out a match for me?”

Girl’s heart said: “that’s too difficult to find. You will find hearts with scratches, scars, broken and some fake one.”

Boy’s heart replied: “there nobody who is perfect, we make it perfect by accepting/correcting their faults/mistakes.”

Girl’s heart smiled and said: “Yes, I will help you.”
So with Boy’s heart, Girl’s heart started the journey in search of “that special caring heart”. Throughout the journey Boy’s heart faced many rejections, disappointment, all he was feeling like a loser. During this failure face, Girl’s heart was always there to care, to console, to motivate.
In this due course Girl’s heart got closer to Boy’s heart. He started realizing the love, care and affection which he was looking for, it was here in front of him only.
One day Boy’s heart said: “hey this journey has come to an end. My search for a heart is over. I got my match.”
Girl’s heart with a confused look was starting at him with a Question “who is that?”
Boy’s heart with his attractive smile said: “the heart which I am looking for, for whom I have traveled all around was in front of me. Yes, it’s you, your care and affection was all I wanted. Will you be my partner?”
Girl’s heart with tears of bliss in her eyes was standing in front of him with uttering not a single word. Immediately Boy’s heart hugged Girl’s heart and she whispered “yes” in his ears.
Both hearts were happy to find each other. They started spending more time with each other. Girl’s heart genuinely put across her true identity but whenever the Question of identity was asked to Boy’s heart by her, he never spoke, always used to avoid it. With this many other such beautiful moments they spend in a short span of time.
But one fine morning Girl’s heart found that Boy’s heart was not there. She started searching, she went to all those places where they used to meet, had an excellent time but Boy’s heart was nowhere. Girl’s heart was all shedding tears, tears and tears because she wasn’t able to find him anywhere.
Days passes…there was no news about Boy’s heart, where he has gone without telling her….leave behind her to shed tears.
Girl’s heart was asking many questions…who was he? What was his real identity? Whether he was real or fake? Whether his heart was real/fake or his identity? Does he was wearing the mask of charm, affection and care? Why he did this to me? Suddenly where he got disappeared?
All Questioned remained Unanswered…
Girl’s heart thought: “All you were carrying a fake heart with fake identity”
Now another knock at the door..scares me. I avoid replying back…who knows some other heart with a mask of falseness will give scars on my heart and just disappeared.

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