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Just Saying

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Journey from US to I….The Lonely World. By - Priyanka Chahande

“People change, their priorities changes,
Wounds given by them take more time to heal,
Than the natural process of healing
You left me…the other half part of US....alone”

We both were seeing each other for one and half year, year of togetherness, blissful moments, sharing, days of sorrows, blossoms in spring, warmness in winter, season of summer, rains full of love. But then little by little it started to end.
“For me it’s getting complicated to handle our relation with studies, you know this is our final year of graduation and exams are in a month. I have to concentrate on my studies. I have my carrier ahead. I am not in a position to balance both, I have to choose one.” he said.
“So does this means you want to break up” I asked softly with little fear and hesitation.
(Lost in thoughts..thinking it is a dream , when I’ll open my eyes I’ll be wrapped around by his arms and will be listening to the music of his heart beats.)
 You left me and I was without you like flowers without its fragrance, life without soul. All I was feeling like…rains without its wetness, no dawn after dark nights, gloomy smiles, heart without its beats, stories without any emotions, birds chirping also started annoying. My world started coming to an end. I got mislaid in the puzzles of my life. Nothing seems appealing to me…because you were not there.
You got busy with your studies but I still search you in between the pages of notes which we together got xeroxed, in college corridors in our classroom, my eyes look for your eyes which never stop staring at me, my ears are waiting to hear your voice when you used to shout my name on the terrace of your building. I still feel the absence of you when I walk alone on the same path, day & nights calling, messaging, that evening coffee without you tastes me now. I found something is missing now…it’s you…the other half part of US.
I still remember the day, it was my birthday and how beautifully you had planned it with full of surprises…still fresh in my memories of US.
(Night prior to my birthday…at night around 11.45pm) 1st October 2010
As usual we were talking to each other on phones about us, about boring lectures, about college festivals, about our other classmates and all. Then suddenly he said:
“I am missing you and I want to meet you”
“Right now? Are you gone mad? It’s too late. Anyways after 8 hours we are going to see each other” I said
“I want to see you..want to hug u and to give a goodnight kiss” he said
“it’s impossible. We will be meeting in the morning. Baby understand” I said
Then he said “I am coming at your me”
“No please, don’t come. It’s too late and if anybody saw you then what? You better stay at your place” I requested
In this whole argument 15minutes got over and clock struck 12.00 am. Over the phone some music started playing and he was singing the birthday song for me. On the other side of the phone I was continuously smiling and blushing. After he finished singing, I thanked him and he said come out in your balcony. I came in my balcony and saw him; there he was with balloons, cake near someone’s car. Then he lighted the candle and placed on the cake. He asked me to blow the candle & from my behalf he did. Once again he wished me and left the bunch of colorful balloons in the sky. And I was there on the 8th floor of my building looking at him..smiling, I had tears in my eyes…I said thanks to him. He was there for another 10minutes standing opposite to my building, we kept on looking at each other…he said goodnight waved a flying kiss and left. I was so happy that night.
In the morning another surprise was there for me. As I entered the college gate, from there to my class 5 people came and gave me one rose with a puzzle to reach and collect my small gifts. Then we went for movie and the evening he took me a restaurant, where another surprise was waiting for me. As we entered, one table was decorated with red roses for us in the middle of that restaurant and no lights were there..the whole place was enlighten by candles.
We sat there, then waiter came with a cake and the people in the restaurant with him started singing the birthday song for me. With him I cut the cake, everyone came and wished me and that’s how my day ended. I thanked him for everything, for making my birthday full of surprises; I had a memorable moment with him.
2months after broke up: 1st October 2011
Today is same day after 1 birthday but you are not with me. Whole night I was waiting for your call, your message. Whole night I was in my balcony thinking that you might come again with a surprise and I’ll have you back but you didn’t come. Early morning when I left for the college I thought of meeting you. But again in the whole campus my eyes were searching you and I found you nowhere. I received your message saying
“Wish you a very Happy Birthday..enjoy your beautiful day”

I was re reading that message and was expecting a call from you. I tried calling you but you kept your phone switched off. I tried everything, I asked your friends about you but nothing I came to know. Now my heart was aching, it was hurting me a lot..the love we had deep inside us also couldn’t save me..I was in pain, my heart too. I found myself all alone without you on Earth. I walked back to my place in a completely lost way and cried to myself at night..looking at each roses I got on my previous birthday. Each petal of those rose got dry, color got faint, no fragrance was left me like those rose only. You was the only thing I thought about, dreamt about and talked about. I found my other half part when I met you. And now when you left me alone…I feel like something has been torn from Us.. I am no longer whole. I am incomplete without you.

That day I prayed to God give him all the happiness, successful carrier and a bright future ahead and please take my life…I can’t live alone.

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  1. hmmm ... :) its impossible to be without the one you have loved. Once you are attached, you are attached forever. Nicely poured out your heart.


    1. yes truly said by..its for forever..thank uu soo much..:)

  2. Its really heart aching story...... Its really so hard for any one may it be a boy or a girl to live alone..... After reading this I just have 1 thing to say
    'Dont make any 1 feel special if you cant hold her/his hands till the end.'
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. yaa thats true dear...:(
      anyways thank u..dat u luved my article..:)

  3. I have just found this blog and you have such a beautiful way with words; really touching. Lizz xx

    1. thank uu soo much..m happy dat u like my article..:)

  4. beautiful.......lovely.....i loved it!!!!:-) <3

  5. Touched!! Something that i see everyday these days!! People falling apart!! :(

    1. this has become every day and everyone's story!!

  6. wow i just got tears in my eyes, beautifully written

  7. i finished reading i realised i had tears in my eyes

    1. awwww...:(
      dis review frm u wil b d bst for me..
      thanks a lot..:)


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