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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Book Review: I’m Heartless by Vinit K. Bansal

The book ‘I’m Heartless, a real confession’ is a story of Viren, a day dreamer who imagines that one day he’ll find an angel (Pari) who will make his life worth living. The book begins with a cute poem reminding us of a point in our lives when most of us have craved for a soul mate with whom we could happily flow down the stream of life.

The first few chapters narrate the ups and downs of the campus life of a student and touches every aspect of this phase of life, be it studies, hostel life, friendship, love etc. Viren’s life becomes ‘cool’ when he enters the Kurukshetra University but one day his peace of mind is robbed by a question of a friend- “Do you like HER?” and from then his thoughts helplessly start wandering around ‘HER’. His heart is convinced that he has found his Pari in ‘HER’ i.e. Rashi, a girl he had been hanging around with, since a few days.

It is said that when love knocks your front door, friendship exits from the back door. In the same way Viren forgets about Manasi, his best friend who had already fallen for him and proposed to him. Manasi keeps on caring about him though Viren rejects her proposal. Later Viren realizes that Rashi can never be his which turns him into a psycho and a disbeliever in love. Though he gets inclined towards Manasi but takes their relationship quite casually.

What happens next? Does Rashi come back to him? Or does he start taking his relationship with Manasi seriously? What happens that makes him realize that he is heartless and he commits suicide? For all this you need to read the book.

Considering the fact that this is Vinit’s first book, I think, he has done a reasonable job. The initial part of the story fails to attract attention as there is an overdose of characters which makes it confusing and keeps the reader from getting engrossed. The book becomes interesting in the later half and the reader completely falls in love with the last chapter. The way Viren’s love is expressed in this chapter sets it apart from the rest of the book.

I personally do not like the suicide part as I feel that such books and movies are the ones responsible for concreting the thought in the minds of the youngsters that after heartbreak, drinking (becoming a devdas) and committing suicide are the only options left.

Overall, the story is quite predictable. Anyone who is planning to read this book, I suggest, should maintain patience in the first half. I assure that the second part will surely keep your eyes glued to the pages, because they are full with “honest confessions” that will make your heart melt.

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