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Just Saying

Thursday, 22 November 2012

She is a Flirt, by Himanshu Chhabra

               It was 11:00 pm, i was lying on my bed, looking out of my window. The wet weather after a heavy rain was making me feel like something is missing,. Intense cool breeze waves were hitting my face, making my hairs dancing above. It was a night without moon, without stars, but still it was a romantic in its own ways. Moon is not always a symbol of romance. Sometimes, it is just the person in your heart and on your mind, who makes the difference.

               From the past few hours, i was trying to stop myself, thinking that girl, A girl i just talked to. I didn't know much about her. i didn't even asked her hometown, cause may be we had some better topics for conversation.
              I was very must interested in her display picture, A flawless art of god. No one could ever find anything wrong in her. Her eyelashes were making her eyes more desirable. She was wearing a black kurta, with three parallel lines of beads in her neck. Her chicks were over-fatty, like the girl in Ponds Advertisement. Booglly....Woogly...Woosh... . Two very cute dimples, digging down her chubby chicks. Her kissable lips were polishing her smile perfectly, gaining more attention from my heart <3
                Comments and likes were flooding down her picture, as if she was any celebrity. Should i contribute one more like to the rising numbers or should i add a common-comment-like-others, 'luking cute', ' beautiful', on may be just a '<3'
                        As soon as i started to write my no-so-uncommon-comment, Chat box blinked with her name.................

She: Hiii
me: You are a cute one... Specially your eyes. N the smile. N i am not flirting with u. 

She: Aren't you too fast? you must say hiii first n ohh vry much wala thank u :)
me: I don't waste time.

She: :-)
me: Ohk, as you say, Hiii Girl

She: Better :) Hiiii
me: Now what about me? Tell something good :)

She: m just speechless
me: :-( oh don't be.... 

She: I don't have words to define you yaar,, from where to start n where to end :D
me: Start it from your heart n end it on mine.
  N m not flirting with u 

She: ohh r u relly nt flrtng? :P
me: No...... I don't know 'how to flirt?'...u know
 Descent guy 

She: aaye haaye ;)
descent guy,,, gd h :P 
me: Best h ji best h

She: bt dats so sad 4 me :( 
me: why sad for you? 

She:  i thought you will teach me 'How to flirt?"
me: :-D but you want to learn all this, 

She: only for you, :)
me:  Sorry, i don't know flirtting, i am DESCENT na,    

She:  i don't know either, Now how will i impress you :'(
me: And now how will you impress me :'( (Damn, She is a flirt)

She: uff what should i do now, :(
me: i don't know, but we can try a movie scene,She: Raj n simraan?? DDLJ
me: I didn't saw it,

She: i can understand, you are DESCENT, that's why you didn't saw DDLJ
me: Very Smart <3

She: <3 <3
me: <3 <3 <3 <3 (Oh, now it's a competition)

She:  Ohk, let's begin,
me: Should i bring my Guitar? (Yeah, Baby, i know guitar.)

She: Bring it on,
me: kkk (NO Response, :( usually girls scream in excitement, hearing that i know guitar)
me: ten tre.. ne. .tre.. ne.. tren.. ne.. ten ten tennnn........... (i didn't played, i just typed, murmuring the music)
She: :D wow <3

me:  <3 (at least she is responding like a girl now)
She: Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanaam..... <singing>

me: <3 <3 pyaar hota hai diwana sanaam,

She: You play guitar very bad, :-P (i called her responsive few moments back, but.. huh) 
me: not more bad than your singing.. :-P


And so i came out of her dreams, as the rain started again..... and then i noticed my mom just behind standing, suspecting me.

"Why are you blushing?" asked my mom
"No,  i am not blushing, i am just smiling" I explained, re-calculating every expression on my face.

"Better, you sleep now, it's too late, and close the window," My mom said  adjusting the room temperature.
"Who's she??" my mom caught me blushing again,

"No, one mom, now switch off the lights, i am sleeping,"
"Firstly, tell me who is she?"

"She is a Flirt, n  i love her," i whispered and rowed down to sleep. May be she will come, come again in my dreams... <3 <3

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  1. beautiful... girls flirt too :) ;)

  2. she was more than just a flirt,

    PS: Above statement is fictitious. My gf is requested not to kill me. ;-)

  3. The best one from you. :)
    Could totally relate ;)
    Hi5. ;)
    'She is a flirt- and i love her.' ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. mast hai d last line 'she is a flirt, n i love her'...wonderful :)

    1. hehe.....hmm actually she is flirt, meri bhi maa h flirting m to

  6. Awesome yr....:-)

  7. teri ksm yr bhut sexy hai tu yrr its me nehaa..,mmeet me at guess?????????

  8. i can relate that to one of my friends.she's a total big wali flirt...every guy wanna be with her as friends or anything


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