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Just Saying

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

When he deals with the crazy me! - Anisha Joseph

He's about to complete his MBA..and I'm just in my first year. As he's preparing for his placement interviews, I'm all worried about where he would get placed! I so want him to come back to Delhi. It's just been 6 months now... and this long distance is hitting me hard. It gets very tough sometimes because there are sometimes when he wants me around..and sometimes when I want him around. And now if he gets placed somewhere else then we'll have to handle a few more years of this long distance shit. And no...I don't regret falling in love with him and being in a relationship with him just because he's staying somewhere else. He was a friend before...and we both knew what we were getting into. We knew that long distance is no piece of cake and that its going to be real tough on us. But sometimes....I go crazy. I think about him..his placements...and I go mad....I spoil my mood...and then I spoil his mood. Nowadays, this is happening on a daily basis and he's an angel because if it was somebody else..he would have been irritated with me so bad that he would have left me by now. But him...well...he listens to every shit i say with patience when I go crazy thinking about this. And then after fighting, I regret putting all that pressure on him. Obviously, he can't help it...its a placement interview and getting into a Delhi based company is not in his hands. Its all about luck..and yeah.. a little bit about how he performs in the interview..but then many students giving the interview...they can't take them all!!

                                Thinking about living without him for a few more years takes my life out of me. All that waiting to hug have him by side, its going to be like that for a few more years if he gets placed somewhere else. I get scared...that I may go weak and give up on us. But I don't want to...I love him too much for that. I know he won't give up on us...but the thought of having to stay away from him for a few more years haunts me everyday now. I don't know how I'm going to react if it actually happens. Guess I can just keep my fingers crossed throughout and pray to God. He can work wonders!!

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  1. Happns :)The lil feel of sadness in happiness.


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