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Just Saying

Friday, 1 February 2013

Journey Uff Ye emotions- A long Walk

It was a Conversation on Facebook with my Big Bro. or we can say author of 'To Be Continued' Moeedul Hussain, from where it all started.

"How are you Big B?" I asked giving a start to the conversation.
"I am fine Bro. What's going on?" He replied frequently.

"Just struggling with my manuscript. I don't think that it is going in the right way" I was literally disappointed.
"Can I help you Brother?" He asked indeed.

"Umm... Ohk let me mail you a chapter. Can you tell me where I am lacking?" I asked hopefully.
"Anytime Bhai! just drop me a mail and I will read it and will review it."

As soon as he completed his sentence my Lappy's cursor took me to the mail box. I dropped a mail. and slept down hoping for a review next morning.

When you are hell tired you just need a pillow of dreams beneath your dozing-off brain. 
        It was 2:15 when my cell-phone started dancing lying somewhere in my blanket. I slept earlier today, rest of the nights I used to sit on my laptop sharing my thoughts with MS-Word documents. Only a writer can understand it that 'Nights are the best-friends of writers in writing.' 
        My deeply slept mind threw me out of the dreams on the very first ring. I followed the only light in the room... It was a tough task to dislocate myself and reach the phone.

'To be Continued...' It displayed hurting my eyes. I took a deep breath and picked it up.

"Hello Sir ji, How are you?"
"Hello, Himanshu. Were you slept?"
"No Sir, tell me how was it?" I asked excited yet poured in fear.
"You want a true review or a review as a Brother?" He took the easy way to break me.
"True" I knew somewhere that it wasn't that good.
"Bro. You write CRAP. You literally killed Every Emotion. I am very disappointed" n Conversation went on and on... He told me my mistakes and it took almost two hours. I was actually that PATHETIC.

Days passed struggling with my errors. My room was filled with hundred of torn and crumbled papers and my mind was filled with DISAPPOINTMENT.
              God opens two doors if he closes one. May be He had destined something very special for me. I BELIEVED!!
The door was  'Uff Ye Emotions'

Few Days Later: 
Mahaveer Publications and Vinit K. Bansal were inviting short stories from all the bloggers and aspiring authors. They were having a contest and Best 10 stories would get chance to get published under Mahaveer Publications.

I wasn't that excited for it (Knowing that I wrote CRAP). Plus, I never had a plot, thanks to the author's block.

 My gadget ringed once again. A call from GOD, kidding it was my best-friend "Surbhi Garg"

"What are you doing my monster?" She asked in her cadbury dipped voice.
"Hiiii" my voice was low as well as my hopes.

"There is a writing Competition and I have no plot indeed" I cried for help. (Best-Friends are the only ones we can ask for help)

"You can write on me. Please!! Please!! Please!!" She started and continued telling her story. Though, I heard it several times still I preferred listening again. It was her voice which always worked for me.

It was 5, January and I had a plot finally. Last Date of Submission was 10, January. The Battle with words Begun.
5, January- Tearing and Crumbling Papers.
6, January- Hitting fingers on Keyboard (Word Count- 260)
7, January- Rubbing my eyes and counting the Word Count left and divided it with number of days. ( 4200/4days, almost 1K words a day. Quite EASY)
8, January-  Working on a silly assignment given by Teacher. (Word Count- 1300)
9, January- Few mug coffee and few romantic songs.(Word Count- 5120)
10, January (Morning) -
"Hey Annie, I am mailing you something. Can you review it please for me?"
"Yeah Anytime for you SMARTY. (:-D)"
 I sent the output, attaching a MS-Word file to her mail-box. She read it and helped me in Editing it. My Balance Vanished, Her Balance Vanished. But then Thanks to the Creator of 'Wats app.', you guys ROCK.

"MAIL SENT" TIME: 11:23 PM. Just 33 minutes before the dead-line. (I am GREAT, I know)


I never ate Butterflies, then what the hell they were going in my stomach. It was excitement which transformed into happiness that day. 15,January RESULTS OUT!! (CA students CHILL, They weren't by ICAI)

  Name on 3rd number. It was a WOW feeling. Everything was right, except the spelling of my name. I didn't even bother though. My MOM was the first one who came to know about it when she noticed me jumping in my room.
As soon as I shared the results on My FB Timeline, Phone Calls flooded my Cell-phone. I never even received B'day wishes at this extent.

Days passed following the instructions over Gmail. and finally the Day arrived.

Pre-orders of 'Uff ye Emotions' started. 21, January 2013 

"Sunill Kaushik" (with Double "L") from Ink Studioz started turning our dreams into reality.   He created magic with his Art and made us Celebrities with each day passed.
                   Yeah, My dream was becoming Bigger n Bigger each day. Everyday Vinit K. Bansal & Sunill (Yes with the double "L") had a new surprise to amaze our Team.
             It was another Day another Surprise for us. When He and Vinit K. Bansal Sir almost killed with excitement. After a terrible guessing session (from Soyabean ke pakode to Sunill Bhai's fictitious marriage) by all the Team-mates, Vinit Sir revealed the secret. 
                I was wrong, It wasn't just bigger. It was BIGGEST..!!
ROOUH- the Eternal Soul is collaborated with 'Uff ye Emotions' and they are launching there Exclusive Album along with the Book.
          There is another surprise for the readers. Every Reader who'll buy a copy 'Uff ye Emotions' will get an EXCLUSIVE CD of Roouh- The Eternal Soul.

I tasted a little flavor of Success. It wasn't possible without Moeedul Hussain, Surbhi Garg, Annie Da Angel, Vinit K. Bansal Sir, Mahaveer Publications, Priyanka for motivating me, Sunill Kaushik from Ink Studioz and Roouh- The Eternal Soul and Sumit Bhardwaj (Only for taking Party from me. huh)

      I won something more than the tag of getting published. I won the best team one can get. I love you all guys. Rachna (Fashion Queen), Priyanka Dey (Gol-gappa), Sanhita Baruah (Senorita) , Stephen AK (Dude! my name is HAC), Anjit oops Sorry Crestless Wave, Dhristy (Even my sister loves her post. My Sis. loves every Author except me. :-P.), Saurabh Arya, Pankaj Mittal, Papan (Ranbhir Kapoor with a red bowling ball), C. Suresh Sir and Abhilash Bro. (Veeru).

Sorry If I missed Someone...!! 
"I always believed that Books and Music are one the of best creations on earth. And now, with my first ever book, this heavenly combination is available!!
As a gesture towards the loving readers of love stories, we are now giving a free Music CD with every purchase of Uff Ye Emotions!
Pre-Order Your copy and enjoy twelve beautiful love stories with amazing songs of Roouh The Eternal Soul band."

It was my journey, Hopefully Purple Pen comes with the Several more.
 Grab your Copy of Uff ye Emotions Now:

- Himanshu Appie Chhabra


  1. God opens two doors if he closes one... and I guess it's not only God but also those lovely friends of yours who helped to push the doors open.. a big thanks to them for giving the Team a cute friend and writer like you :)

    1. I won't think much about it, until you all are here..... Happy to have u as a friend
      I appreciate.!!!

  2. Incredible...:) .

  3. Wow!
    Loved reading about your journey :)

  4. beautifully written.. I can actually feel it.!! Long way to go:)

  5. Thanks buddy,
    Good to read your journey till here.
    You have a long way ahead, just remember that once someone with an alias Crestless Wave, wrote something with you.
    God Bless. :)

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