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Just Saying

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bombay-- Now MUMBAI..!!

B-O-M-B-A-Y now called "M-U-M-B-A-I"

Few Things About this City That Amazes me...:

Bombay has No Bombs and is a Harbour, Not a Bay.
Churchgate has Neither a Church Nor a Gate. It is a Railway Station.
There is No Darkness in Andheri.
Lalbaag is Neither Red Nor a Garden.
No King ever stayed at Kings Circle.
Nor did Queen Victoria stay at Victoria Terminus.
Nor is there any Princess at Princess Street .
Lower Parel is at the same level as Parel.
There are No marines or Sailors at Marine Lines.
The Mahalaxmi temple  is at Haji Ali, not at Mahalaxmi.
Teen bati is a Junction of 3 Roads, not 3 Lamps.
Trams used to terminate at Kings circle, not Dadar*TramTerminus. (Dadar T.T..).
Breach Candy is not a SweetMeat Market, but there is a Hospital.
There are no Ironsmiths at Lohar chawl.
There are no pot-makers or Potters at Kumbhar wada.
Lokhandwala complex is not an Iron and steel market.
Null bazaar does not sell taps.
You will not find ladyfingers at Bheendi Bazar... 

Yet its MUMBAI - A city of Dreams... Or shall I say - A city of Shattered Dreams..
Or short-term Dreams....!!! 
Where life is sooooo fast... That if U dont Cope up.. U r left behind even by Ur Near n Dear ones...
Where whateva U earn gets spent in that very city...
Where To Build Up Page-3 Reputation is much more important 
While Ur Family Life is Shattering or Either Most of the Time Under Construction...
Where People keep brooding in the Day about their funds and debts
And the same people enjoy the Night-Life to the Fullest...
Where the Sea gives Symapthy to Many Broken Hearts...
And same Sea is the witness of Public Displays of Affection...!!
Where the Rain is Praised at Nariman Point .....
And the same Rain is Cursed in Traffic Jams...!!
Where the Childhood is Spent in Essel-World
And The Adult Age in Hard-Rock Cafe...
The City that is Over-Crowded
But Still None has time for another or bothered about other...!!!
The City Where Celebrities Reside... Settle  
The City of Glamsham,,,, Where the Stars Sparkle
And the same City leaves them with a void and Darkness during their Downfall....
The City Where People Enter to Earn Name and Fame...
And after Few Decades Even their Words Sound Lame...!!
The City that is responsible for Economic Growth of the Country...
But just once visit -Dharavi and you will unfold your own myth.....
Still at the end of the Day -- Its AAMCHI MUMBAI...!!!
A city of Pride n Pleasure...!!!

Jay Hind...!! Jay Maharashtra....!!!! 

With a Cup of Starbucks Coffee ...Looking at the Sea-Face....
I still Remember a Song of Late. Rafi....
"Aye Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahaan.....
Zara Hat ke... Zara Bachke ...
Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaaaan...!!! "

-By Barkha


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