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Just Saying

Monday, 4 March 2013

Hallucinations about writing!

If in case you are being left alone in a dim and dingy room for an hour. And you're very scared. Suppose you have a pen and paper in your hand. What you will do with them? Would start writing or would start drawing or would probably make an airplane of the paper to pass the time? It depends upon how your thought process works. Right?
Whatever you make out of it, is it just to distract yourself from the fear of darkness or to consume that time?
This one hour is the interstice of your life. Now it depende upon you, how you utilize it!And this execrcise will definitely tell you the aim of your life.
If I were in that room I would have probably written an article about how was I feeling then. The suffocation.. the fear... the clumsiness.. And would want people to feel the same by reading my artcle.
Here comes the point! I would write because I would want people to read and know what i have felt and written, to exactly feel how I felt at that time.
Unlike me, few people write just for them. To share what they feel and think. They just share it with their paper and find a friend in them. And at the same time, few people write for others to read their work and experiences. and their is a third category who just wants to be famous. The haox of becoming a popular writer is so in trend now a days that people are writing anything(here i mean any damn thing) to be crowd-pleasing and faddish.
We just need to go through our innerconscience and discover why are we actually writing- to share our views with readers or to share our views with a silent paper or to become famous so that crowd of hanger-ons surrounds us.
Evaluating ourself and then writing, would lead us to actually reach where we want to be.

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