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Just Saying

Just Saying

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tethering of Emotions (A short poem)

She was so alone,
I heard her crying over the phone.

She didn't ask me to stay,
I stayed, stopping  myself on her way.

But then she got another  heart which pretended to care,
She left me & my friendship drastically there.

She lived in a relationship happily,
Until He broke her heart again.

She was again so alone
I heard her crying over the phone.

I was just numb, stood there on her way.
She said "sorry", but I had no feelings to convey.

I am in love with you "my soul cried"
Lips were still, my heart tried.

She said, I am sorry, you are my true friend.
I tethered my emotions, with a smile to pretend.

I hugged her and wiped her tears away.
I loved her, and then I preferred to stay.



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