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Friday, 26 April 2013

I see myself as a Mother and a Housewife..not much as a Writer - Nandita Bose

Today on Purple Pen we are very delighted to have very Passionate lady Nandita Bose.

Masters in English Literature and a Ph.D. in Aesthetics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.  Nandita Bose has had a rich career in academics, corporate training and running her own HR consultancy. As a writer, her special area of interest is romance novels which reflect our society and how human relationships develop within it. Author of Tread Softly & The Perfume of Promise.
So let’s start the conversation with you Ma’am ..

Q.1. We’ll start with a basic one, tell us about you?

     Ans:  I basically see myself as a mother and a housewife who has lived a very interesting life and therefore has lots of interesting stories and observations teeming inside her. I really don’t see myself as a writer as much as a chronicler of other people’s pain and love.

Q.2.Your debut novel, 'Tread Softly', is being received well by audiences. Tell us something about the book? 

     Ans:  Tread Softly is out and out a love story about the simple forming of ties between a man and his wife against the backdrop of an arranged marriage. Both Paroma and Abhinn are not really ready for marriage. And yet they find themselves sharing their lives at its most intimate with the other, a complete stranger. They are completely human in the sense that they struggle with their nature and backgrounds, fail to communicate and put their marriage into jeopardy - until they both grow as individuals and negotiate their differences and their love.

Q.3.What is the most passionate thing that made you to start writing?

     Ans:  Nothing worked as well as the awareness that I was growing old and soon the worlds I have seen and known would all die with me.

Q.4. As there are numerous new writers in this field, what is your view on getting an avid reader for your own writing?

     Ans:  I have a strange way of looking at writing and readership. I believe they are truly separate entities. I write without thinking of the numbers that will sell or be read. And I believe in telling people that not all books are for everyone. Buy and read my book only if you want to explore the genre of romance fiction. That said, I believe well written books will always find a decent readership. And a reader who seeks truly will always find the book s/he most needs.

Q.5. Tell us your experience while publishing your first novel?

     Ans:  It has been a learning experience throughout. And I have enjoyed all of it. In fact the production process of each book is different and that makes the process enjoyable.

Q.6.Your second book “The Perfume of Promise”, tells us something about it?

    Ans:  The Perfume of Promise, as with all my writing is about love too. However the ‘action’ is all in a sense a post mortem of a marriage that lasted for about 6 months, by the estranged husband and wife 7 years later. While there is the deep knowledge of the differences and how they had been let down in their expectations by the other. There is also a resigned awareness of the importance of the bonds that made them husband and wife once.

Q.7.Which one is your favorite genre? Who all are your favorite authors?

     Ans:  I love romances. However, I would read any well written book, irrespective of the genre. Ultimately we read a book because it holds our interest.

Q.8.Which Character of either of the book can you relate to?

     Ans:  I relate to all my characters.  I may not be like them. However I can empathize with them, their shortcomings, choices and their life stories.

Q.9. Story of both the books mostly talks about pre & post marriage situation. Are you concentrating more on what Indian Women go through in these situations?

     Ans:  I actually have no clue what women in other cultures go through.  During my growing days, romance was mostly a genre we saw in books from overseas and their situations of dating or going away on holiday with an unknown man just did not seem real or relatable to me at all.

Q.10. When you as a reader reads novels what you expect from that? If it’s from Romance Genre how it should be?

     Ans:  A story should seem true, should move you and should make you feel what the characters in it are feeling. When the novel comes to an end, you begin to miss them and their world. That to me is the hallmark of a great romance novel.

Q.11. Is there another book of yours we’ll see on the shelf? If not, what keeps you occupied?

Ans:  Yes, as of now I am working on 2 manuscripts and am awaiting the release of my 3rd novel, Shadow & Soul. I have a very busy life, doing nothing. However, I am always writing, even if they are simple verses on Facebook.

Q.12. Ma’am my last question for you is Purple Pen is a blog which is inspiring many to write discovering new ideas. You think Purple Pen is contributing to writing in some way?

Ans:  I think all efforts to discuss books, literature and the processes of writing are very welcome. Purple Pen is a very commendable effort from a talented and committed group of young people!

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  1. Nandita Bose. A complete lady!
    Lots of love and best wishes for upcoming books.

  2. Nandita is a human being 'par excellence' and a very good writer,much appreciated across the world.we wish her all the best.


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