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Just Saying

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A part of me is gone, A poem by Rupinder Preet

Once upon a time...
I met someone like you..
That was the time..
My destiny started giving me the clue..

That there is some connection..
Between Me and you. . 
But at that time nothing was clear..
In my mind there were some fears...

But as the time passed by..
All d fears become disappeared..
And the connection between you and Me..
It Started becoming more and more clear..

It used to seem just like a wish or a dream..
About which I always used to think 'would it ever come true?' 
Or I am the one who's thinking just like a fool..
But as the time flowed..

I come to know that there is something within me for u..
The feelings which with time had gone through..
That can never be changed or renewed..
I wanted to confess..

But wasn't sure about what you felt..
Bt the day you told what you felt..
Was the best thing that ever happened to me yet..
The day you told me you loved me..

That's when I gave you the key ..
To my heart., soul and mind..
I am glad that you are all mine..
I wanna be with you...

Together and forever..
Just Hold me close and never let me go..
Don't let me fall amidst the shadow..
For I am all yours., forevr it may be..,

I am all yours till the Eternity..
Just want to say never leave me alone..
Because without you..
A part of me is gone.. <3

- Rupinder Preet

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