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Friday, 2 August 2013

You're my love, not life! - The end

He started “As you are a new employee, you will be assisting me for three projects first and then you will be given individual projects later.”

I smiled and nodded.

“We don’t compromise with quality of work in our office. From tomorrow your office timings would be 9 am to 6 pm. Hope you will work with all your heart.” He lectured in an amusing way.

“Yes Sir,” I kept my reply short.

“And yes one more thing. I expect you to see me at the nearby CCD at six. We can talk about our first assignment. Have a nice day,” He said and stepped out of the cabin.

“Have a nice day Sir,” I replied but he didn’t respond. I could just hear the decreasing sound of his leather shoes.

Office staff welcomed me. I saw my cabin. It was attached to my boss’s cabin. Soon, I was left alone in the cabin with my newly assigned desktop. Somehow clock struck 5:30 and I left the office. I took the directions from receptionist and headed towards the nearby CCD.

I reached the location and began my search for a familiar face out of that crowd. In no time, I found him tapping my shoulder from my back. I turned and gave him a half hug.

“How are you Kartik,” I said to him detaching myself from the hug. His stature had been changed in last three years. I could feel the maturing in his persona and kindness in his voice. He was more responsible now.

“I am Charming as always,” He tried to be humorous. ‘Yes you are Charming,” I thought.

We stepped in CCD to talk further.

“What would you like to have?” He asked like a gentleman.

“Sorry, but sex on the beach isn’t available here,” I chuckled. It was the same feeling when we met for the first time at Sneha’s birthday six years back. He seemed like a stranger yet someone very special to me then.

“I would like to have espresso,” I said. He was about to reply something but then a phone call disturbed our conversation.

“Hello…” certain happiness emerged on his face. His eyes were glittered. “Yes…. Of course I miss you sweetheart. Sorry, I will be a little late today. Love you,” He said and disconnected the call.

“Was he married?” questions circled my head. I knew that I had lost all my rights on him three years back by marrying Shubham. Still I felt like crying. But, I held my tears and tried to control my emotions.
Meanwhile he ordered an espresso and a cappuccino. I looked at him and smiled.

“How’s Shubham? I am sure he isn’t as messy as me and must not be keeping cell phones in refrigerator…” He tried to crack a joke. He laughed but I failed to laugh. The life of mine which I had lost years back was sitting in front of me. Yet, I couldn’t make him mine. He wasn’t my Kartik, instead he was a married Kartik now.

“I don’t know… May be he is alright,” I stammered. He could sense the uneasiness in my voice and the dampness of regret in my eyes.

“What do you mean by ‘may be’,” He was worried. He stood up from the chair and cupped my cheeks to wipe my regretful tears. My life again borrowed few moments of Kartik’s life for me. I narrated him the entire mis-happening of my life and he kept wiping my tears, until the tears faded away and I completed regretting my sacrifice.

“Stop Crying now. I am here and I won’t let you cry anymore,” He said.

“No it’s wrong Kartik. You are married now and I can’t ruin your wife’s happiness because of me. I have experienced the pain of getting cheated and I know how much it hurts,” I compelled.

“Oh wait… wait… Who’s married here? I was yours and will be yours forever” He smiled on my presumptions.

“Then who was that sweetheart over the phone?” I asked innocently like a kid.

“Oh that was my niece “Shreya”. She was missing me. Actually she was missing the new Barbie doll set I am supposed to gift her tonight.” He laughed.

Suddenly it seemed that all my worries and pain evaporated with the warmth of his love. He was still beside me, just as he was three years back. I was overwhelmed to see him again in my life. That moment, I believed that earth was really round. Yeah, I know we have been taught that in the very early years of our school days but here, when I said earth was round, I meant not only physically but logically. You would never know when your fate would make you stand in front of your long lost love. Sitting in that CCD besides him, I was experiencing emotions in my dead heart, it seemed as if it was brought to life all over again.

“Where is your mom?” he asked.

“Here, in Hydrabad itself. She’ll be here for two more weeks.” I said casually sipping my coffee.

“Chal.” He said and grabbed my wrist. I stood up and followed him. He hastily rushed towards the exit. He pushed me in the car and he drove like an insane man trying to reach the stars. I kept asking him all the way what he was up to but he just didn’t bother to answer me, instead, he kept asking me for the directions to my place.

Apparently, we reached to my place and he hastily rushed towards the elevator. To my surprise, I found Zinath waiting for the elevator too, she was just back from her college.

“Evening, Addi.” She gave a hi five as usual. “Who’s this guy? Your friend?”

“Zinath, he’s Kartik.” I spat.

“WHAT? Who the hell is he?” she screamed so loudly that even lizards came out of their shed to see the drama.

“Do you know me by any chance?” Kartik asked, equally shocked.

“Yes, I do. Kartik, why did you do this? How did you meet her? Are you married?” she fired her questions altogether.

We got into the elevator and till the way to 8th floor, I narrated her the way I met Kartik in the office that morning.

“Fate it is. You can never escape your fate. Whatever is meant to happen, it will happen, anyway and anyhow. You just can’t dare to stop it” She said and moved to her apartment.

I and Kartik stood in front of my flat door. He rang the bell impatiently. I could see the spark of confidence and impatience in his eyes. Within next few seconds, my mom came rushing to open the door. As she parted the door open, she almost froze to the bit on seeing Kartik right in front of her eyes. We entered in and mom did not utter a single word. She surely went short of them.

“I want to marry your daughter. I still love her the way I loved her three years back. I won’t leave her until next few decades. She can leave me once I close my eyes forever, till then, she has to be with me and love me. She is ready to do that, will you allow this time or you want some other Shubham for your daughter?” he spat straight forwardly.

“I was presumptuous. I didn’t want my daughter to face what I had since past so many years. I just wanted to gift her happy life but instead, I ended up in gifting her a doom ’s life.” She almost broke into tears.

She agreed for the wedding. Of course she has too. Coincidently, our auspicious wedding day fell on the same date when we met for the very first time six years back. 31st of March it was. I was happy as never before. I was marrying my love who was now my life. We made those several promises around the holy fire with the blessings of our dearest parents. On our first wedded night, while I waited for him to arrive in our paradise lit room, a thought stroke my mind.

“We are married now. You are all mine for next of the seven lives.” He said as he entered in.

“For this life, I want something from you.” I replied, softly.

“I can give all my life to you. What else do you need?”

“Your laptop.”


“Yes, your laptop. I haven’t blogged since last three years but tonight, I want my second life back. I want to write. Just give me your laptop.” I demanded.

He stared at me weirdly but then, I didn’t bother to notice. He handed me his laptop and I opened my blog after such a time span. Shamita held me one condition that I would always remain the admin no matter what so that I can see the progress she was doing but then, I never bothered to open it ever but today was the day, a day when I would write again. Kartik played with some “artificial balloons” he had bought for the night, while I played with the words to express my feelings.

“ You’re my love, not life… but destiny made you my life.

We all have some fears, fears to commit the acts of past which have hurt our soul to the most but then, at certain moments of our life, we have to overcome our fears, go against them and live our life the way we want to. Nothing is permanent in this life, not even sadness. One day, everything is meant to fall into place, one day, everything is going to be perfect. Never lose hope, keep loving, keep believing, keep living but most importantly, keep moving, Because a stagnant water never touches the ocean. He loved me to the core, at a moment I thought, he was just my love and not my life but if your love is pure and true, even your fate will make sure that your love becomes your life, forever.”

“Will you shut the blog right now? People make love at wedding night and not a blog post, get a life nerd.” He said and shut the slide down.

“Moron, I hate you.” I screamed.

“But I love you.” He picked me up in his arms and enveloped myself in his warmth.

My life was a drop of rain, 

He caught it and then somehow lost it.
I slipped down from his palm, 
lost the battle and thought he forgot me. 
His love cried & I was the tear drop born again. 
I rolled down on the cheeks of three years. 
Kissed it’s chin and was about to die, My end was near. 
Hand of destiny wiped me and again I was in his palms, 
I was breathing again He loved and locked me in his arms. 
I kept shouting that you are my love, not my life 
But, my life taught me When it is love it is itself a life.
-Dhristy Dasgupta (Blogger at Maple Leaf

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  1. Great work Himanshu I want your autograph.

  2. woaha incredible ending hats-off

  3. Agree with you Jatin and Thank you to share this. Himanshu and Dhristy just incredible


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