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Monday, 30 September 2013

Book Review: None But Him

Another self-published book, which went through my hands, is ‘None But Him’. The book got publish by Notion Press. ‘Tina G’ Authors it. She wrote a very short novel, the story ends on the 138th page itself. Authoress is from Chandigarh and the plot is set upped in the same city itself. 

Cover of the book will undoubtedly fascinate you for a while but then you will look at its back and will find a not so interesting blur. Sorry, but I couldn’t relate the cover with the story later. The Blur says:

“Manyata woke up in the morning with a headache and realized that she was locked in Param’s embrace. She could feel his constant breath against the nape of her neck. She didn’t move and shut her eyes again lest she wake him up. Her eyes filled with tears and her throat was choked. Whatever happened between them was totally uncalled for”

When Manayata’s mother, Mamta, walked out of her husband’s home, Manyata too left with her. Though she had her inhibitions about going to Chandigarh but for sake of her mother, she had to . But what she feared happened and she had no choice but to dance to the music. The person she didn’t want to meet ever came into her life again and she realized that she had never got over him. Though she had tried to get him out of her system but her heart was not smart enough. She realized that it was none but him for her”

With a Standard English and proper use of idioms and phrases, Authoress narrated a simple story. Good part of the script is that you can relate to it.  It has many incidents, which will remind you of your family.

On a hot summer afternoon when Protagonist Manyata comes back from her office, she finds her mother packing bags and she was about to leave Manyata’s dad. Manyata decides to walk out with her mother.
They come to Chandigarh in hope of building a new nest for them, which would be strong enough to hold in wind for rest of their life. They start a new life and initially stay at Manyata’s aunt Sheela’s home.
Sheela keeps on poking Manoo (Manyata) to get married and Manyata keeps on dodging it. However, she fails to hold it, and one night decides to commit suicide, when half of the family is out and other half dozed off. Param comes to her rescue. Param; his neighbor, his crush, a childhood friend, and at last a savior.
He saw her and eventually saves Manyata’s life. In addition, the next morning they marry each other. Param was concerned about her and took decision of marrying her. He takes her to Delhi along with him and there they start a new life. They aren’t in love but still there is a relationship. A relationship of marriage.
Book is all about the fine gap between Love and Arranged Love.  How love grows between them is the icing to the story.

Narration was proper. It was clean but wasn’t effective. There was a lack of humor which apparently made it a boring read. There wasn’t any wittiness and I found the characters boring.
Authoress wrote few parts very nicely, especially when the whole family sits together and conversant. I liked that part.  

Characterization: Writer has a good knowledge of language. She cleverly used the right words at right place that made characterization proper. 

Verdict: This short and simple book is a light read; one can just sit with this book and finish it in few hours. There is a simple story, which probably happens with many of us after arrange marriage (Thank god I am still single.) If you are bored of heavy books and are a sleepy reader (like me) who sometimes want to read a simple and sober story, then go for it. One can read this book even in unconscious state. 

But, If you want a unique and new story with power-packed narration then this is not for you.

I will give it 2.50 out of 5 . Happy Reading…!

A Review by Team Purple Pen

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