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Just Saying

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Love, Life, and Suicide point – Chapter 3

“So you decided to become a ghost and make this Suicide point your home,” Aarav said and bounced keys of his bike to me.

Thank god I caught them. It was a kind of bet between us. Once I was forcing him to teach me how to drive bike and he refused. He had the best bike in the town and I was dying to ride it.

He was never ready to handle me his bike and I was always like rolling on the floor to beg for the keys. Finally, one day his heart melted and we made an oral agreement that he would be anytime throwing his keys to me and if I would be able to catch it, he would let me drive.

From that day he kept throwing the keys at unexpected times; in classes, in canteen, in my hostel’s balcony and in loo. Yeah, he actually entered the girl’s washroom just to make me drop my jaws as well as the keys. He was a fearless insane handsome bastard. Girls were crazy about him. Whole college was a playground for him and he was a bird friendly to all, from security guard to principal.

Initially, I failed to catch the keys but then eventually I learned to catch as well as to drive.
“I will be driving back home,” I said proudly and patted my shoulder.

“We will think over it after you will hug me. Damn, I missed you, how are you?” He said and folded me in his arms.

“Yeah! You missed me. Few minutes back we were on call and then you just drove here. When you missed me huh? While pressing the electric start button or at the time of wearing helmet. Liar..!”  I tried to be logical. He was insane, still my best-friend. I hugged him.

Rudra folded his diary and was looking at us uncomfortably. Rudra was a reserved and introvert kind of a guy. He hardly had any friends, he talked less and that’s what made him mysterious and interesting.
Rudra let me enter his life and allowed me to understand the hidden things inside his heart. He had started developing feelings for me. He felt good when I was nearby. He didn’t resist making me friend. Our Friendship, it just happened.

In those few moments,   Rudra felt something really strong about me. I formed a soft corner in his heart and somewhere he allowed me to conquer his heart. Rudra had feelings, maybe I had too. We both were in different world when I was sitting next to him; unchained, from all the work, worries and life. That suicide point seemed heaven. We were just free and then we chose to fall, not from the suicide point but a fall in emotions, in feelings and in love.

Rudra felt uncomfortable that I was hugging Aarav. Few moments back I was in his arms and now my possession was shifted to Aarav. Nevertheless, I was still Rudra’s possession. He left me incomplete when I detached myself from his arms. I felt as If I had lost something. Rudra’s arms felt like a home to me.

“I must leave now. Sun is gone down and soon darkness will surrender earth.” Rudra got up to take leave.
“Woah! Who is he? Talking about Sun, earth and darkness,” Aarav left me and noticed him.

“He is Rudra – a writer,” I smiled and made the introduction. “He is my Suicide Point friend.” I added.

“Yeah! I am her Suicide point friend. Don’t worry we are just friends.” Rudra stressed on the word friend. He knew he lied, but then sometimes it is better to hide your feelings than being rejected.

Rudra didn’t want rejection; he could adjust with the lie. I saw his dull eyes fading with sadness. He was low. He felt special when we both were seating in each other’s circumference, sharing ourselves to each other.

“Actually, more than friends, he is my special friend.” I smiled and hugged Rudra “And he is my best-friend
‘Aarav and don’t worry we are just friends.”  I clutched my fingers in his finger gaps and ensured him that nothing was wrong.

Rudra was much more comfortable then. They both shook hands and initiated the conversation. Meanwhile, I managed to take keys from Aarav’s hands.  It was time to drive his bike.

“So, are you from our college?” Aarav gave a push.


“Strange, I haven’t seen you there, Mr. India.” Aarav chuckled.
“I prefer being visible only to special ones. Anyways, what do you do?” Rudra asked and they both started walking.

“I win,” Aarav said confidently.
“Win what?”

“Ah! Everything. Basically, I do what others do, in best way. I can be the best in all the things, if I want to. I don’t have any particular dream of my own.”  Aarav replied.

“So, in that case one day I will see you as a writer, maybe better than me, as I am writer.”  Rudra smiled.
“Writing! No, not at all buddy. I don’t have any interest in that boring niche. It’s your race, run alone.” Aarav completed.

“It isn’t a race, if you are running alone.” Rudra said diplomatically and then looked at the light focusing towards them. It was me; I was back from my bike ride. They both started walking towards their love; Aarav at his bike and Rudra at me.

“It was nice talking to you. Have you written any book?” Aarav said taking the pillion seat. (Yes! I was driving back.)

I waved Rudra bye and said good night. Hopefully! Helmet allowed my voice to come out. He replied with ‘Sweet dreams’ and then he replied back to Aarav.

“Not yet but yes I am working on it. It’s titled “Love, Life and Suicide Point,” Rudra said and started walking back to home. Definitely, thinking about me. I put the bike in gears and drove back to hostel. I missed him.

“Love, Life and Suicide Point… Interesting title,” Aarav mumbled.

“Oh my god, have you just said ‘Love life and suicide point’. It’s impossible. It’s written by Aarav; my ideal not by some Rudra.” Priyali defended Aarav. She was shocked that the book was not written by Aarav.
“Yes it is written by Rudra, not Aarav.” I wiped moisture from my eyes.

“How’s that possible,” Priyali questioned.

“I said you already, it was all under a deal,” I said rememorizing the saddest part of my life.

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