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Friday, 27 September 2013

Love, Life, N Suicide point – Chapter 4

Sunrays with heavy wind stroked the curtains and my cell phone started buzzing in my hands. I remembered last night I and Rudra were talking over some topic and I slept without even saying good night. I was tired, yet I wanted it to last forever.
Morning was fresh and exciting. I looked at the cell phone. It was Aarav, and maybe he was downstairs to pick me up for the college.  For the first time, I dressed up quickly. For the first time I didn’t bother to look good. For the first time, I was in love.
“Eww…What happened to your dressing sense?” Aarav said as soon as I stepped out of my hostel.
“What? I am looking that bad? Seriously?” I asked visualizing what I saw few moments back in the mirror.
“You always look bad but today… it’s even worse.” He hung his head low to make expressions of pity.
“I will kill you…” I clenched my fists and jumped on him to attack like a cat.
“hahaha… I am sorry I am sorry… you are the most beautiful girl, after my 37 girlfriends.” He said and threw the keys in air.
“Oh… shit” I said and tried to catch them but he was taller than me so he quickly caught it again. “It’s cheating,” I shouted but he didn’t listen to me. I sat on pillion.
I turned my head to see the beautiful mountains walking next to us. We were moving fast, yet there was some stillness in the nature of Shimla. Mall road wasn’t as busy as always. He drove swiftly , without much twists and turns.
I un-clutched my hair and stood over the bike. The cool early morning breeze wished me a beautiful morning. I was in love, I knew this when I waved bye to Rudra last night. I wanted to stay there; I wanted to talk to him under the shadow of moon. Shimla at night is a beautiful place. I wanted to see the beauty of it with him. I wanted everything with him, only him. If he wasn’t there, It wasn’t my need.
We reached the college and after searching him everywhere, I found him on the college terrace. Students weren’t allowed there, which itself made it a cool place to hang out with friends.
I found him alone. Pages of his diary resisted to stay still as soon as the wind hit his thoughts. I noticed a bunch of roses lying next to him. They were wrapped in a transparent plastic, forming a bouquet. Strange thing was, only last night I told him that I like roses and he was here to surprise me. I wiped away my thought and toured him with my eyes. He was looking so cute, playing with his pencil.
“Rudra…” I disturbed him.
“He..Hii…Ahana,” He replied and stood up to greet me.
“Sorry I slept last night. I was tired but then I didn’t want to sleep,” I said making An-Awww-face.
“It’s good to have a writer friend. You never feel bored…” He replied and smiled.
“Yeah, but then good friends doesn’t bring red roses for us,” I winked and stepped to hug him. I dug my head in his chest and gave him a tight hug.
“Nor they write a poem for their friends…” He said and put his right hand in my hair.
I felt loved. “You seriously wrote a poem for me. I mean seriously…” I was overwhelmed. I hugged him even more tighter.

“You are nervous na?” I asked him.
“Nervous about…? Why would I be nervous…?”
“Stop lying Rudra… your heart beats are speaking. Let them speak. They are telling me a secret about you.”
“And what are they saying…?”
“Arre baba sunane to do..” I said mischievously.
“Anyways did you bring your short stories today?” He asked. Last night we talked about my liking for writing. I liked writing too, but I was too afraid as writing was so uncool and boring, and I was nervous that people would make fun of it. However, after meeting Rudra, my thoughts changed. He narrated me the plot of his next project ‘The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love’ which was about to release after ‘Love, Life and suicide point’
If my writings were as per his expectations, he promised that we would write it together.
“Yeah, they are in my bag. Now seal your lips, I am trying to listen something very important here,” I shimmered.
Soon breeze left us alone and hug chained us more in each other. I comforted myself in his arms and was all set to doze off. I hardly slept for few hours last night and I terribly needed a sleep. His arms seemed like a warm blanket and his chest was the best pillow. I almost dozed-off, until I realized someone was calling me from behind.
What the hell? Someone saw us hugging each other on the terrace of college. If it had been some faculty, I was to be probably detained from the college.
“Students what are you doing here? Shameless teens. Today’s generation lost all their manners.” My blood started drying. I turned around with my head hung low in apology.
“Aarav,” Rudra said.
“I will kill you Aarav. You scared the hell out of me. I seriously thought it was our Principal. I was wondering about packing my bags and going back home,” I shouted on him.
“I won’t let you go that easily Ahana… I am here for you always and you don’t need anyone except me,” Aarav chuckled.
“Yes, no one can replace you. You are my best friend. That’s why I am telling you, you did a very bad mimicry.” I giggled.
“Still I scared the hell out of you. Forget it, Ritika is looking for you. She needs some help.” He informed me.
“Oh shit, I had to help her.”  I picked my rucksack and waved bye to both of them “Bye guys I have to go, See you in class.”
“Hey Rudra, Do you feel anything for Ahana?” Aarav asked straightly.
“Yes Bro. She is a nice girl. I feel something special when she is around.”
“But, it doesn’t mean that Ahana had the same feelings for you. Meet me at suicide point after college. There are several things we need to clear about you and Ahana, about I and Ahana.” Aarav said with a warning. Rudra could see aggression in his eyes. It seemed like as if he was insecure about me.
College ended quickly. I was dog tired. I needed some sleep, so I informed Rudra and Aarav that I would be going to my hostel straightly. But, I was unaware that leaving them alone would bring so many changes in my life. I wish I had stayed with them. I wish everything was normal today…
I came back to my room and on the other side Rudra left college to meet Aarav.
Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Drishti Dasgupta
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