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Just Saying

Saturday, 21 September 2013

SOUNDS Of SILENCE... by Sandhya Sai

Can any Being hear the SOUNDS Of SILENCE???

Having cried so many tears
For the count in million years
For that pain in these tender Hearts
Insensitive MORTALS being the reason and the cause to be torn apart

Bearing burdens of unsaid Stories and unheard cries
Of unseen wounds and shattered PRIDE
CROWNED were these harmless SOULS behind the veils, with Thorns
And DEAF are the so called "Superior Race of the Evolution" and the by gones

Can any Being hear the SOUNDS Of SILENCE???

Born in this world, where existed Demons in the form of mortals,
Is SHE punished to serve them as slaves???
or Is SHE here to teach them the lessons on the Art of Living???
or Is SHE here to Learn to Survive???

SHE is the inspiration for every growth and praised as the cause for every existence
SHE is every Dreamer's DREAM and every Poet's POEM
Every Painter's Imagination and every Sculptor's quest for Perfection
They all say...,"without HER, LIFE is Incomplete",

But then Why???

Why does'nt any Being hear the SOUNDS Of SILENCE???

Every Man can praise HER beauty,
From the tip of HER the sparkle of HER anklets...
From the sweetness in HER talk... to the grace in HER walk...
But why can't HE see the depth of the ocean in HER eyes and the burden on HER heart???

HER every surrender...was by force and every struggle against...was given names
For every sacrifice, was WORSHIPPED as GODDESS
But SHE is not here to be worshipped and does not want praise
SHE is HUMAN too and LOVE is all what it takes

Why does'nt any Being hear the SOUNDS Of SILENCE???

Its been Ages now
And the struggle for survival is still ON
It might take Ages further

Please listen to the SOUNDS Of SILENCE...they have a lot to say

PLEA... for Survival...
PLEA... for Existence...
PLEA... for Self-Expression

A poem by:-

Sandhya Sai 

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