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Friday, 4 October 2013

Book Review: A Wild Rose : Love Blossoms Until the Thorns Prick

Finally, I finished this very beautiful book “A Wild Rose” of the very beautiful author “Uzma Jafri”. Being a Feminist, Uzma wrote this women-centered fiction.

First Look: Cover of the book is beautiful and seems fit to the title of the book. Book is decorated with a very catchy mixture of red and black color, displaying the color of rose with the disturbance of thorns. Cover depicts love and betrayal. After taking a detailed journey of front cover, I turned it to the other side and found Mahesh Bhatt’s comments and indeed a very long but still attractive blurb. It was like reading a short story. She could have used more impaction words with less space acquiesce. The Blurb of the book says…

 Ritu Anand. Vivacious television anchor envied by many, makes the biggest mistake of her life. A man is at the center of it all. Who is he? And why is he after her?

Ritu Anand is a strikingly beautiful and wealthy divorcee, all of 25 years. None but her parents and best friend in life, Sumbul, know the truth of her divorce. Her career too, had gone to dust thanks to her failed marriage and traumatic ill-health. To the rest of the world, Ritu maintains a faade of still being married. In an effort to piece her life together again, she goes back to being an anchorperson after 3 long years

And a very important part of this new life becomes the enigmatic Anshuman Sinha. Not very tall and with an average physique, deep hazel eyes and sharp intense features, Anshuman is dangerous and irresistible he is the very picture of 'Ritu's Man'. The devastatingly dashing casanova soon has thelove starved- Ritu eating from the palm of his hand and dreaming of a picture perfect life with him. The gullible Ritu is soon weaving the tapestry of a picture perfect life, of a happily ever after with her lover. But there is her hidden past to deal with. What was the truth behind her sordid marriage? And coming to the present, what did she know about Anshuman at all? Will this new life be the chance Ritu was hoping for? Or is this some deep, dark hell?

Has she fallen from the pan straight into the fire?
Is love blooming or have the sinister thorns torn the petals to shreds?

Watch the bookshelves for this fascinating book, a look at a different side to love. After all, are there really any guarantees in love for a happy life ever after?

The lyrical Urdu poetry of greats such as Ghalib and Momin adds an ethereal passion to the heartfelt prose of Uzma Jafri. A truly spellbinding book, a truly impassioned effort.

The Review: Pages of the book will take you to the journey of Ritu Anand’s life. She was a once upon a time successful journalist and then something unusual happened with her and everything crashed. Story begins after the end of two years of her successful carrier; she finally comes out of her trauma and joins DAG. In addition, on the very first day she gets attracted to a DAG employee Anshuman. Eventually, they interact and love holds them both together into a serious relationship. Anshuman becomes a savior and rescue her from her nasty and inescapable past. Apparently, Ritu falls blindly in love with Anshuman.

However, Ritu’s friend Sumbul was not blind. She knew under what conditions, Ritu went through once.  She warns Ritu about not getting serious for Anshuman, but Ritu never listens. 

Like everyone, Anshuman has another side too and Ritu was unaware of that. What happens when Ritu meets the COMPLETE Anshuman?        

‘Rose’ is used as an binding element in the book. Ritu loves roses and every morning her bai brings roses for her. From childhood, she believes that roses are the real symbol of love and one day her soul mate will propose her with the roses only. It looked a little childish in the beginning but then authoress was never lacking behind in giving justice to it. I liked the way she used the theme in the latter half.

Narration: It was not so awesome read, but yes, it was a perfect read. Writing was clean and there weren’t any irritating flaws; which can be found in any debutant Indian author’s book. This book stands as an exception. 

Nevertheless, for me it wasn’t a page-turner. I like books having enough potential to make me laugh or at least smile. A book full of witty characters is the best one for me. I didn’t find much wittiness in the book. Hope, authoress keeps that in mind while writing her second book. After all, we are all here to improve.

Characterization:  With a fine grip on language, Authoress did a great job in making the characters alive. I liked the characterizations; Specially, Anshuman’s character. Authoresses’ writing skills are great and yes, I felt the characters. Kudos…!

Verdict: First half of the book is undoubtedly better than the second half of the book. Anshuman’s character is the real charm of the book. Story will take you to the happenings of two year back where Ritu got married and lived in an illusion and then it comes back to reality, where things are different yet relatable. This book is a decent treat for the book-eaters seeking for unique story lines with proper narration. But, if you are a classic reader and like to read books again and again then this in not for you. 

I will rate it 4 out of 5 (1 less for lack of humor. Will wait for the next book of the authoress)

PS: The Authoress is beautiful.

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