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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Love Life and Suicide Point Chapter-7

Aarav was behaving nicely with Rudra. He didn’t tell me anything about the deal, maybe he just wanted to help Rudra as a friend that night. Maybe he wanted to keep his promise with Rudra. Rudra had given him his two books; he could pardon him in return or maybe he had planned something else. He was waiting for the day Rudra completes the book.

Things became normal. Rudra was discharged from the hospital and Aarav made his space back in our life.  Keeping him aside, Rudra and I were growing steadily in our love relationship. Everything was so comforting that finally Rudra decided to propose me.

It was a chilly winter day, Rudra wanted to make it the best day of our life. He had planned everything, everything to make that day perfect. He decorated the entire suicide point by spending his whole day until sun went down to its refuge. Suicide point was shining with the little candles darted all around in the cottony blanket of snow. He stationed a wooden table amidst the portrait and covered it with a soft white cloth. Everything was so white and serene except those little rose petals which he used to make the snowy floor look beautiful, made a heart go glee. There was a dark chocolate cake placed over the table. He had used wooden flames to light the whole place. He even had written poem for me. After checking everything and practicing the love poem he had written for me, he called me and asked me to come there.

I called Aarav to pick me up and drop there. He was in the nearby café and hence he came in no time to pick me. I did know what he had planned for me but I didn’t know how he was going do that. I wore denim and a long trendy white leather jacket. I was checking myself in the mirror for one last time when I heard the door bell ring.

“Aarav is here,” I mumbled. I was checking on myself, hence it would have taken few minutes more. I preferred to call Aarav to wait and stop hitting the bell.

“Aarav stop hitting the bell. I am coming in few minutes,” I screamed as soon as he picked the call.
“I am on my way. Ahana, it will take around 10 minutes to reach your hostel,” Aarav said in his Bluetooth. He was riding bike, I could feel the wind hitting the microphone.

“Oh… Sorry take your time. Maybe there is someone else on the door.” I disconnected the call and walked out of the room.

It was the courier man. I signed the document and took it. It was sent by our publishers. It contained sample books of “Thousand miles… and a step of Love” I was so excited that I couldn’t resist tearing the packet and look at my babies. I was overwhelmed. I jumped on my bed like a kid and started tearing it. There were five copies pilled one above the other. I flipped the half pages of the book and smelled it. It smelled hard work. I was happy that on one side Rudra was planning to propose me and on the other side I would take these sample books along with myself and would give it to him with a ‘Yes’ to his proposal.

Aarav was downstairs and I was about to leave. I walked to my bed and took one copy of the book in my hand and then I noticed the Author’s name “Ahana Sharma and Aarav Gupta”

I was shocked as if earth had stopped spinning and there was complete numbness in my body. My brain stopped working, there was just one person I could see, who could have answered all my questions; Aarav.
Unaware of everything, he kept pressing horn of his bike. I came downstairs with a fake smile.

“Ahana you really take too long to dress up. Still, you look the same.” He chuckled.

I stretched my fake smile a little in return. He could sense that something was wrong. I unzipped my hand bag and pulled out the book saying “What is this Aarav?” A tear squeezed out of my eyes and I started crying heavily.

“Don’t you even know? It’s a book” He laughed and took the book from my hand. His jaws dropped as he read the title. He was just caught red handed. He then looked at me, I was crying.

“Why there is your name? Why Rudra gave it to you? What you did this time Aarav? I trust Rudra, he can never take this step. It must be your entire fault,” I blamed Aarav. I knew both of them quite well. Rudra wasn’t the person who could plan all this. Aarav was always a planner. He was a mastermind and I encountered this fact quite often.

“I am ready to explain everything. Give me a chance to explain, please.” Aarav made a puppy face and I melted.

“You want a chance, here is your chance. Explain it right now,” I gave him a chance. He started narrating everything, obviously taking his own side.

On the other side, Rudra one by one lit all the candles. It felt like someone left the stars to glow on the surface of moon. It was beauty at its best. After lighting the last candle he called me again. He was really excited that it would be the most memorable day of our life. He put the phone on his ears and waited for my cell to ring. The call was connected and he could hear the ringtone from the back side. He turned back to welcome me.

“Ahana so finally you are here,” He smiled and opened his arms to hug me.

Instead of hugging, I showered a slap on his face. I knew I had made a mistake but I was too blindfolded with the anger in me.

“What’s this Rudra?” I showed him the book. “Can you explain this? Did you buy me from Aarav in return of your books? How can you be so cheap?”

“You cheated me Rudra, you played with my feelings. From last seven months you are hiding so much from me and I trusted you blindly. We were in love, you could have trusted me. Or maybe I am wrong. I was the only one who was in love. You couldn’t fall in love because you were too busy in cheating me and betraying my love.

I threw the book down and slapped him again. “Aarav please take me away from here,” I said and left the place.

Rudra looked at his hand, it was a tiny paper crumbled in his palm. He opened it; it was the poem he wrote for me. He broke down in a single moment. He lost everything he had. Heavy breeze took the paper away from his hand and the paper flew down the suicide point. Their love died with the piece of paper. Candles lost its shine and everything was darkened.  It was a long wait for the other sunrise…

Drishti Dasgupta 

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