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Monday, 16 December 2013

In Conversation with: Kiriti Sengupta (Author of The Glass of Wine)

So, we have another writer who puts his heart on paper while writing. We took few moments of his life to know how does it feels to be a writer. It surely feels great when you books are having good time in hand of readers. Mr. Kiriti Sengupta's first two books did great in market and he is back with his third book 'My Glass of Wine'. A book is a journey and who could be the best person to share the journey except its writer. Without wasting much time let's come straightly to Kiriti's Glass of Wine and know how was the journey of his third book.

Question: Hello Sir, congratulations for your upcoming work ‘My Glass of Wine’. What are your expectations from this book?
Answer: Thank you so much for inviting me over here. My expectations are higher indeed, for it is my third book in English-language. My other books (The Unheard I and The Reciting Pens) have been widely reviewed and accepted all across. I trust my readers, and they are the ones who keep my soul alive.

Question: We trust you as a writer too. What, according to you, is the present scenario like for poets? Do they get their due?
Answer: We have some brilliant Indian poets who are writing regularly in English-language. Dr. Sunil Sharma and Gopal Lahiri from Mumbai, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Dubey and Ramakanta Das from New Delhi, Atreya Sarma U and Seshu Chamarty from Hyderabad, Dr. Ampat V Koshy from Bangalore, Sonnet Mondal and Subhankar Das from Calcutta, et al. They are in fact promoting the genre that is called poetry. This is a fact that poetry titles sell lesser, and it is attributable to multiple factors.

Question: Let's highlight few of those factors. What do you think it takes to be successful in the field of writing?
Answer: This is confusing to some extent! I think one primarily needs to write his/her mind. A book, irrespective of its genre, deserves proper reviewing. Help from fellow authors is extremely important. Nowadays media plays an important role towards the success of literary enterprises; you accept it or not, role of media can never be ruled out.

Question: I liked the title of your third book. Tell us something about your book ‘My Glass of Wine’. What does it deal with?

Answer: My Glass Of Wine is a novelette based on autobiographic poetry. Let me tell you that the quintessential agony-uncle Suhel Seth allures me even today. Shabana Azmi’s speech inspired me to think in English-language. Editor Don Martin’s teachings made me conscious of the punctuations. The success that I achieved with my earlier titles, especially my critics motivated me to write about my own things. No translation — no interview, but all about I, and I’s. Now it is up to my readers if they consider it ‘sheer literature.’

Question: That was about your book. Coming back to title, how did you come up with such an intriguing title of the book?

Answer: Well, my book is all about my life, and my poetry; especially it is a package of delivering poetry to a large section of readers. As I said in my book, it was not only the wine but that the glass was mine, hence, the title My Glass of Wine.

Question: Your book is basically a collection of poems. Weren’t you apprehensive of the fact that the present Indian book market might not receive your book as well as it does to fiction?

Answer: I have no apprehensions, honestly, my book is up for Pre-orders, and more than 60 copies have been booked until now. I strongly believe that it will be accepted by the libraries as well.

Question: That's quite fascinating. Tell us something about yourself.

Answer: Frankly, I’m tired of discussing my professional life. Well, I am a professionally qualified Dental Surgeon, practicing dentistry for thirteen years now. I am a government servant as well.

Question: How do manage to shuffle between the career of a dental surgeon and a writer?

Answer: I have purposefully cut short my professional engagements to certain extent in order to pursue my passion that is writing. Moreover, time management is a crucial factor, and I’m grateful to my family for their ceaseless support.

Question: Yes, time management is very crucial. Still, you managed to portay three books on paperback. Tell us something about your next piece of writing?

Answer: Interestingly, my next book is coming up shortly. It is titled My Dazzling Bards, which deals with some prominent Indian poets, who are writing in English-language. Bards is being published by The Poetry Society of India, and Dr. Madan G. Gandhi (the founder-president) has been a tremendous support.

Question: Who inspires you to write poetry? When and how did you begin to love this form of art?

Answer: Poetry has this unique ability to deliver our messages in fewer words. My life, especially the events that I underwent is my inspiration to write poetry. Several other poets have their profound effect, however!

Question: What can be done to grow more readers for poetry?

Answer: I have answered this particular question in my book. Let me read out a few lines: “Personally I think that poetry should not read too abstract! It can be made accessible and enjoyable as well. Unless we work on it, poetry can never reach its pinnacle again. Gone are the days when poetry was targeted to its exclusive readers. Considering the pathetic decrease in its readership all over the world, shouldn’t the poets come forward with interesting packages? Some readable works, which will be enjoyed by a large number of book lovers?”

Question: How do the publishers react to poetry? How has your experience been with your previous as well as present publisher?

Answer: I respect my publishers. I have had my share of refusals, but they have their priorities, you see! I am immensely thankful to Kunal Marathe, the owner of Authors Empire India for trusting my vision, and supporting my enterprise.

Question: One last question. Sorry, but I have so much in mind to ask. This is surely the last one. Do you wish to give any message for aspiring poets?

Answer: No Problem, Yes I have just one line message for them. Make out your own style that can invite more readers to you work. 
Thank you so much for this wonderful session.

We thank Mr. Kiriti Sengupta for answering our questions and making this interview possible. We wish them all the best for his book and we will read it surely.

You can also read the book by Pre-ordering the Book : Pre-Order Here  

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