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Just Saying

Monday, 16 December 2013

Nothing... A Poem by Chaitanya Balijireddy

Tanya frantically moved her mobile phone’s cursor up and down the screen. The key tone was too loud for it to go unnoticed by Rhea. “What are you doing?”, she asked in a hysterical tone. She rolled her eyes, indicating that the professor had noticed Tanya’s distracted presence. Rhea questioned her again, this time by knitting and throwing her brows up. Tanya didn’t care. She just wanted one thing. Badly. His message. Just a word from him will end her throb. That would just be enough to keep her happy for the rest of the week. But to Rhea, she bit her lips and said, “Nothing.” 

 Adeyemi wasn’t even paying attention to the client. Today seemed weird.   Never have his eyes fallen on that picture frame on the table. They may have, but not like today. The photo sort of froze his mind. “Mr.Ade, is there anything that doesn’t appeal to you in this deal?”, Phoebe asked him politely, she found him lost. He didn’t have that perkiness for some odd reason. For Ade, the reason wasn’t odd. “No. Nothing!”, he shook his head. But he was full of his son’s memories, no deal can bring them back, can they?

“Mademoiselle!”, the ticket inspector yelled for the fifth time. Max twitched finally. “Ou est votre ticket?”, he grunted impatiently. “Ah! Je suis desolee!, she stammered in a heavily accented French. The train had been speeding it’s way from Paris to Nice. The last time she was here was with Jennifer. Felt like ages. She apologised to the guy, and pulled out her ticket. “Whath izz wronga meiz?”, asked the ticket inspector. “Nothing”, was the reply. He groaned and moved out at the following stop. A time machine was all Max needed. But another part of heart sounded bolder - “All this, only for your good.” that was soothing. Jennifer should have never been part of Max’s life. However, she had gotten in way too much.

Nothing. A word that defends the inside of our heart. Did you know the meaning of nothing?

Time waits for none.
Days pass and years are gone.
You miss your loved ones,
You want to see them at least once.
You lose your close ones.
You want to talk to them at least once.
Friends change.
Relationships change.
Old ones are forgotten,
New ones are made.
But your heart still carries those moments,
Which seem to have been engraved in it forever.
And whether you want them or not,
They are always there,
Making you sad at happy times,
And happy during your lows.
When you are flashed with these memories,
You either smile at their beauty,
Or cry for the pain.
You either laugh at the innocence,
Or curse their occurrence.
And when you think about these,
Your face helplessly reveals your heart.
Someone asks you the reason for that expression,
The tear or the smile, the tranquil or the frown.
Without a second thought,
Without a pause,
You simply say,


Chaitanya Balijireddy
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