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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beyond The End....Chapter 1 , by Nisha Raj

Beyond The End....Chapter 1

by Nisha Raj 




'Meera is in ICCU.' Aditi spoke on the phone.

 'You mean Meera Shah of our batch?' I just spoke without waiting to know who was speaking. 'Ya the same Meera Shah. She is in jamnagar hospital right now. I am going are you coming?'

'Obviously i am coming'. I just shouted madly.

'Cool down be ready i am coming to pick you up in 10 minutes be ready.'

I hung up and than the realization dawned to me that i didn't know to whom i was speaking. I checked my logs and saw Aditi's number. As i sat in the car with Aditi my mind travelled back to our school days. 

Meera Shah: THE MOST POPULAR GIRL of the school. afterall she was best in academics, sports, cultural events and just everything. Thats why she was elected as the school captian. She was the most carefree and reserved girl i had ever seen. I wondered what happened to her that today she was in ICCU. One after another memories flooded my mind and i didn't realize that we were in Jamnagar. As i entered the hospital a typical smell of medicines engulfed me. The wardboy directed us to the ICCU. Horror struck me when i saw Meera on the hospital bed with all kinds of medical equipments attached to her body. NO she cant be our Meera. She lay unconcious on the bed. I sat beside her waiting for her to wake up and know what happened. The doctor checked her and was about to go.

'Good Evening doctor can you please tell me what happened to her?' I asked with the hope to know about the pityful condition of my best friend.

'She consumed 24 sleeping pills. Now please excuse me.' The doctor said with least sympathy in his voice.
I felt as if someone was hammering my head, '24 sleeping pills.' What happened which made a girl like Meera consume 24 sleeping pills?

'Rita' a familar voice called me. I turned. It was Meera. She had woken up.

'Whats all this Meera? 24 sleeping pills and owe me an explanation.'

'Yes i do' she said weakly.'But its a long story.'

'I am all ears. Speak...' I demanded with utter anxiousness in my vioce. And she began....



 It wasn't just another day of my life. It was as if i had waited for this day since years, and ya finally i was here: ON THE DOORSTEP OF HER COLLEGE. As everyone awaits i had also awaited this day. My college was soon to begin, it was 28 August. Standing there i didnt knew that this college days were going to change my life forever. I was overwhelmed with the thought of staying away from home, mom, dad, sis and more than that my school memories. The very thought of living in the hostel and in a small town like Jamnagar was depressing for me. Afterall i was a carefree girl from a city like Ahmedabad. But that day i kept aside all my thoughts for i was to start a new journey. And a journey without new place, challenges, wierd people didnt seem interesting to me. I was unique and so my journey also needed to be unique. I mentally read the name of my college as I entered the gate ' St. Mary's Medical College'. Soon i was in  the auditorium where was orientation program was to be held. 

'Damm.....its can i be the first person to come here?.'

I quickly scanned the empty hall. 

'Excuse me. Hello...'. Someone tapped my shoulder.

Oh hii.. i guess you too are a student waiting for the orientation to begin, right? I blabbered.

'Yes. Anyways I am Ritvi And you?

'Oh I am Meera. I am glad atleast someone is here.'

And than everyone started entering. All that unknown faces made me feel sick. Just than I saw him. He was nothing special yet i scanned him. A normal tee , a casual light blue denim and reemless specs. He was busy in his so called cellphone world. He came and sat one row away from my chair. It was there that i saw him the first time. I started scanning all the people around me and he became just an no one in my life for the moment. At that point i didnt realize that the same no one will occupy such a place in my life.
People come in your life and go but some people even after going stay back in your heart.

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