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Just Saying

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 4, by Nisha Raj

A new journey began with me and Abhimanyu becoming the best friends. Summer began with longer evenings and shorter nights. We all used to go for a walk in the evening. Our walking group included me, Abhimanyu, Arjun, Meet, Shreeji, Hany, Megha and Margina. We would have food in the mess and than we would go out for a walk. It never used to be a long walk but ya the most memorable walks of my life. If I had any adjectives to describe it I would rather say it in the Nicholas Spark way...'Walk To Remember.' Because all these were the moments which brought me closer to Abhi. 
'So you had your dinner?' Abhi asked me as we walked along the deserted road behind our hostel ground.


'I knew it, and I also know you keep eating this outside food all this junk. Its not good for your health. I know the mess food tastes like shit but you know we have to manage it some or the other way.' 

'I know Abhi but its very difficult for me. I just cant adjust with the food over here.'

'Ok no problem we will discuss it later now lets walk'. As soon as he said this his hand caught hold of my waist and we were walking together with me staring at him like a freak as he kept on looking at the stars in the sky above. The nearby world reduced to zero and I was just in some other world. I didn't realize what my heart was feeling than or maybe I just ignored it.

On the way we would all end up drinking sugarcane juice or orange soda and sometimes even that ice gola thing. We were all enjoying every bit of our life than it seemed that life couldn't have been more better. What I didn't know was that the memories which were taking me to heaven are going to make my life a living hell just few months later.

Time went on as we came closer  and closer. He too was from Ahmadabad so we used to go together in the train and come back in the bus together.

I used to share each and every problem of mine with him. And he always ended up solving it. I never realized when it was that I fell in love with him, maybe that was my first mistake. Had I known that I was falling for him I would have stopped our ever progressing relationship.

I still had no idea about my feelings for him. I just thought we were friends just good friends. He was always with me in every situation, whether I was admitted in the hospital or I ended up having terrible fight with my friends. He tolerated me in every condition all my temper tantrums, my mood swings almost everything. I could never get a better friend than him. 

I had never imagined in my wildest dream that we could ever get apart.

But as people say time changes everything and ya it did its work quite well.

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