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Friday, 10 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 6, by Nisha Raj

On the same evening I was sitting with Shreeji and Margina. And I confessed my love for Abhi to them. They were excited. Just then my cell phone beeped. Yes, it was Abhi, my Abhi, the love of my life.
'So who is that guy?' Abhi texted me.

'I am not telling you.' I replied.

A minute after that myphone started ringing. It was Abhi. I knew he want leave me without knowing the name.

'If you consider me your best friend you are telling me the name. Or else I am not talking to you.' he blurted out as soon as I picked up the call.

'Abhi I told you I can't.'

'Ok let me guess. Is he from our department?'

I was silent. 

'It means yes, and I am sure it must be someone from our class itself.'

Again I was silent.

'Is it Arjun?'





'No. And I have some work I will talk to you later.' I said disconnecting the call.

Hardly 10 mins passed and I received a text from Abhimanyu.

'Is it me? Please reply'

I didn't know what to reply. Finally after 2 hours I replied.


He called me and explained me that we couldn't be together. He never felt for me more than a friend. I was not shocked. Maybe I expected the same answer.

Next day I left for Ahmedabad. Soon we started talking more than we normally did. We started chatting on whats app and more. 

Soon it was the day before our university exams. And coincidently the seating arrangement was such that we were seating next to each other. It was our 4 th paper when I recieved his call.

'Hey whats up?' Abhi said.

'Nothing much. Feeling very lonely.'


'I dont know I feel like going away from this place. Somewhere far away.'

'Even I feel the same. Let us go out somewhere after the exams. We will go out after completing our last exam.'

'Ok as you say.'

Our conversation ended that day. I was eagerly waiting for our last exam. 

Soon the day arrived. We completed our exams. I went back to my room.

'We will be leaving at 3 pm be ready. C ya.' Abhi texted me.

'I will be ready.' I texted back.

But call it destiny or what it started raining. By the time the rain stopped it was 4:30 pm.

He came to receive me. I sat behind him on his bike. It was my first bike ride with a boy and that too with someone whom I loved from all my hearts. It was still raining gently. And it was the best experience of my life. Riding on a bike with Abhi in slow rain. It was beautiful. It was a long ride. Soon we reached a garden. Since it was a rainy day and the garden was very far away from the city there was no one in the garden. We sat under a tree.

'I just brought you out here because you were feeling lonely and we also needed to talk.' Abhi said.

'Ya, I know.'

'So today I want to here everything from you. Your feelings and what do you feel for me and just everything about you.' he said looking in my eyes. 

And then I poured out my heart all in front of him. From my school days to my high school and then meeting him, falling in love with him and just everything. After I completed I had tears in my eyes. He cupped my face and wipped my tears.

'No matter what, I will always be with you forever. We will be best friends forever. And I will be there for you always even if the whole world leaves you alone I promise you that. Now look into my eyes.' He said with utmost care.

I looked in to his eyes and he hugged me tightly. I felt lost in his arms. I never wanted to let him go. I felt the whole world in his embrace. And then with his one hand he gently entwined my hair strand. 

'You look pretty when you smile. So always keep smiling.' he said.

And than before I could realize anything his lips touched mine and yes he kissed me. I mean we kissed. My first kiss. It was a heavenly feeling. He was kissing me passionately with his hand constantly pulling my waist and our tongues silently exploring each others mouth. He was not letting me go. His stuble was pressing against my face bruising it. He should have shaved at least. After a long kiss of about 10 minutes we broke apart. He looked at me and kissed my forehead and than my cheek. We hugged yet again. And I sobbed softly.

I didnt realise that it was maybe our first and last kiss. I was still reeling with the impact of our kiss. My head buried in his chest.

I wished time should have stopped right then.

Read next Chapter here


By Nisha Raj

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