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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 7, by Nisha Raj

Everything changed after that day or say after our first kiss. Till now I had accepted his refusal willingly but now I cant take his no. It was beyond my control. Had this incident not happened our life would have been different . Had I known that this one kiss would end our friendship I swear I would have never let that happen. But its all destiny after all. According to him we were never made for each other. It was now impossible for me to control my emotions. Our exams were over and our vacation began. We started chatting. And I tried to convince him again. And he said he needed time to think over it. His words gave me hope. And I was happy. But my happiness never lasted long. After one month when we came back to our college once again I noticed a drastic change in his behaviour, he would not reply to my messages he even started avoiding my calls. I just wanted to talk to him once, just once , but he never did that.
And then the day arrived which I feared the most. I had forgotten to take my cell phone to the college it was in my hostel room. So when I came back to my room in the lunch break, I was shocked. It was his message.
‘I cannot do this. Its a no....’ Abhi.

I couldn’t react it was so sudden. I sat down on the bed. My world came crashing down. I didn’t know what to do. All the old memories flooded my mind. It is at times like this when you realise how much your past mistakes have hurt you. All the sad memories which I had somehow managed not to remember came back to me. Just then my cell phone rang. I picked up the call and somehow managed to say, ‘hello’
‘Meera, Ishaan is no more. I don’t have any further words to say, because you are the one responsible for his death. I called you just to tell you that he committed suicide because of you. You are a murderer. And don’t you even come to see his dead face. Remember you will have to pay for this. You will have to suffer, and you will suffer. Byee.’ The call was disconnected.

I couldn’t even say a word. Sorry I forgot to tell everyone about the most important character of my story because of whom I am here today. The girl who called me was Dhara and the boy about whom she was talking was ‘Ishaan’ her elder brother.

Dhara and I met when I was in 11th grade and I had joined karate coaching. She had joined a month before me. We were of same age and soon became best friends. Her brother used to drop her to the classes and pick her up after that. He was Ishaan. A second year engineering student. I used to go to Dhara’s house often and because of which Ishaan and I also became good friends. But I never realised that he had started loving me. One day Dhara told me that Ishaan loved me. I thought that he was just attracted towards me. After all who falls in love at the age of 16, but I was never in love so I couldn’t understand that love sees no age. I tried hard convincing him that it was not love but he was adamant. So I left my karate classes. I never shared this part of my life with anyone. I never knew why. I just considered it as an another normal event of my life. I forgot all about him. Time passed and I entered my college life. It was only few days ago when I came to know that someone had hacked my facebook and whatsapp accounts. It was none other than Ishaan. He had called me just 2 days back and had confessed what he did. He just said that he can’t live without me and would never interfere in my life anymore. And today Dhara is telling me that he is no more. 
Because of me someone died. The burden of my own mistake was too much for me to take. And then I again made a mistake. I took 24 sleeping pills. The reason was Ishaan, because I cannot live with the guilt of someone’s death on me. But everyone thought that I did it because Abhi said no to me. But how can I say all this to anyone. 

Ritvi came to know what I had done when she saw empty rappers of sleeping pills on my bed. She called Abhi and everyone took me to hospital. I didn’t wanted to talk with Abhi once. Just once.

Abhi came to meet me. I asked him just one thing.

‘Why you said no?’ 

‘I can’t Meera....’, this were his last words and he left me there, never to turn back.

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By Nisha Raj

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