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Just Saying

Thursday, 16 January 2014

When you will feel the same, A Poem by Wani Ishtiaq

In that eerie ecstasy
Reality blurs out fast
Changing momentarily flare of time
Virtually blocking all senses.

Smouldering the real dreams
Leaving behind hapless ashes
Existing, hoping for a nourish-er
They had seen long time ago.

Where the time snails along
In connecting two souls for life
Still, deep down the insiders
All senses stop to fire, waiting.

Let this barely perceptible breeze
Nurture and carry my feeling
To that distant part of mine
Till you change into that wind.

The desperate insider in my core
Waiting for those moments
When you will feel the same
Sweet tinge of that feeling.

The glowing golden curls
Falling from eternity
Shading the beauties beneath
Of the soul so queer.

Beauty spilling along
The innocent curves of visage
Walls of my heart, vibrating
Within beats echo, reverberating.

Sweet voice so luring
Wishing its clatter again and again
Adding to the strangeness
Simmering in core of my heart.

Fallen to the innocence
Flowering from sweet mannerisms
Summoning my heart out
Sprouting that sacred.

Wani Ishtiaq

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