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Saturday, 1 February 2014

One Life Chapter-10 , by Lohita Poosarla

Aradhya was getting better; she has been discharged from the hospital. At times like these one will definitely learn, who our true well wishers are! The one who got agonized with more pain on seeing Aradhya was her dad, he hasn’t left her not even for a second, and he was there with her all the time to support her in the time of pain.

“Papa, I cannot think of anything now, as strong as the need of your love, care and protection” He gently caressed her hair and leaned down gently kissing on her fore head”  thinking  ‘how beautiful and innocent you are my darling , you are so fragile ,if not for me who will protect you’  and told to her “I’m always there for you Anu”

“Papa! You know what; there is pride in being Dad’s Little Girl , I Love it” she smiled broadly at her father telling this, interrupting their sweet talk came in her  brother Saketh , asking “Can I watch this melodramatic scene please”  and broke into a fit of laughter. “Papa, please hit him on behalf of me, please!” told Aradhya to her dad.

“My dear sister, get well soon, walk by yourself and get me, not with dad’s help” he smirked at her, “I will kill you Saketh once I’m on my legs”

“Now now stop fighting both of you , and Saketh go to your room and get some sleep , before that go call mamma and ask her to get milk for Anu”

“Ok Dad, bye dear siste..eee…rrrr” he teased her and left the room.

He put her to sleep and left her room, leaving her with her mom to assist her during night.  Aradhya faked sleep in front of her dad, but couldn’t sleep because the images of Naveen kept flooding her, the only thing that was bothering her right now was “Where was he? Why didn’t he come to see her?” It’s been 2 weeks since that accident, but she hasn’t seen him to till date. "This pain is just too real, these wounds seem to heal, but there's just too much pain from within that time cannot erase"

Next Morning all her college friends has come to see her, she was so happy on seeing them.
“Aradhya don’t worry about college or exams, we will take care of everything, we will assist you” told Priya “get well soon dear”

They told her many things which have turned up lately in college. She has been constantly giggling at their silly jokes and stories.  “Ok Aradhya, take rest, sleep for some time dear, you look tired” told Priya and everyone left.

Karthik stayed back “I’m Sorry Aradhya” he continued “I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that, I’m really sorry” she just stared at him without saying anything.

“Please Aradhya…”

“Hmmm… ok... do you know anything about Naveen, his whereabouts or something?” 

“NO” his face went red at the mention of his name.

“Please I need to talk to him Karthik”

“He has left you; he is not even bothered about you, why do you even care about him?”

“Karthik I just asked you his whereabouts, OK?

“OK, the answer is a simple NO” with that he stormed off from the room.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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