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Thursday, 6 February 2014

One Life Chapter-15 , by Lohita Poosarla

May 6th 2012 ( Present day ):

Aradhya was still staring at the person who was coming towards her, she can recognize this person even in a crowd of thousand people , its none other than Naveen , she was shocked to see him after these many years, she hasn’t seen him or never tried to meet him after the incident in college, she was all broken and shattered , now after many years she was seeing him now , he become so lean , the spark in his eyes is still there , wiping away her tears she turned and started her scooty and was about to leave , he stood in front of her scooty blocking her way.

Aradhya asked him “Who are you?”

“Aradhya, it’s me”

“Who? I don’t know you.. Please give me way!”

“Aradhya , please give me a chance to speak with you now.. If not now maybe I don’t get another chance”

“Enough Naveen!!!! Enough of what you and Karthik did to my life, please leave me now”

“Please Anu .. One Chance…”he asked her pleadingly

“Ok, First answer my questions” she was not moved, but she needed her answers

“Ok I will, please come inside” he took her inside, they both sat facing the sea
No one spoke anything for a while, then Naveen took the initiation, “I know Anu , I have hurt you a lot ,Please wipe your tears now , it’s enough of what you had , please…” He handed her a handkerchief, tears are still trickling down her cheeks

“Oh, you even know what I have gone through...” she said sarcastically

“There is a reason for your anger, I know and I can understand” he placed a hand on her shoulder comforting her, she shoved away his hand and told “Naveen gone are the days where I fell for your words, not now! Do you know how much agony I went through? You can’t even realize Naveen how much pain I went through … After your weird behavior in college , I was broken it has taken me so much time I was not even out of it , and then this Karthik , without my consent has come into my life and left  it when he wanted !! I hate you completely” She burst out crying uncontrollably, he tried to console her, she pushed him away, she wiped her tears and continued “And please I want to ask you few things if you are ready”

He sighed heavily and continued “I know Anu, what you wanted me to ask. You want to know why I left you after the accident and why I didn’t meet you after that and also you want reasons for my weird behavior in college. I will answer everything, I will tell you everything, and there is a lot you need to know”

“If you can make it fast, it would be better” Aradhya told angrily to him.

“Anu I have been fighting with Cancer in the last few years” he told her calmly.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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