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Friday, 7 February 2014

One Life Chapter-16 , by Lohita Poosarla

Back to the day when Aradhya met with an accident (Naveen narrating the story now to Aradhya as well as us :-) )

I admitted her in the hospital, I was so devastated at the happening, she was so happy and chirpy in the morning and now she is on the death bed, I couldn’t take in , the feeling that the one we wanted the most in our life , lying on a bed fighting for life, will kill us from inside.

Her father has come and I told him her situation, I know Aradhya was his everything, he was so devastated, he couldn’t do or tell anything, so all the responsibility was taken by me, I cannot tell the feeling when I was seeing her on the bed lying unconsciously battling between life and death, no one should ever face this situation.
Doctor has come and told us that, there was so much of blood loss and there are vey fewer chances for her to win over death.

I went into the ICU to see her and talk to her.

“Aradhya , please come back , for me , for your dad  , we all are waiting for you to come back, Please Anu , look at your dad , he cannot live without you , please come back.”  I started to sob then the nurse came into ICU and asked me to move out.

We are trying for her blood group; doctor said they need it very urgently

“Doctor what is her blood group”

“It’s O positive”

“Doctor even I belong to the same group”

“Ok we will check your group and confirm it”

The doctor has taken a sample of my blood to verify the group, he told me to wait outside. I and uncle are waiting outside the ICU for the results. I went out and bought Tiffin to uncle as he hasn’t eaten anything from the minute he has come into the hospital. At first he resisted eating “Uncle Aradhya should see you fit and healthy, not a weak person after she opens her eyes, so you need to eat something now. Please Uncle”

“Will she be fine, Son?”

“Yes uncle, definitely she will come back for you, Have this” he fed him with whatever he bought

“Thank you so much, Son”

“Uncle, you are calling me son right? It’s my duty to do uncle, now lean on the chair, take some rest and I will go check with the doctor once”

As I turned to leave , Karthik stood before me  , before I knew what was happening , he pulled my color and was shouting “It was because of you , she is in ICU”

I was shocked at his sudden behavior, I shoved me aside “What do you mean Karthik?” I shouted

“Yes you are responsible for what has happened to her!”

“Now stop being a kid, it’s not the right time to fight here ok? Be in your senses Karthik!”

Seeing the fight between us, Aradhya’s Dad has come upto us and asked me, “what happened Naveen?”

“Uncle , Nothing , you go take some rest” I  tried to take him aside but Karthik pulled me back and shouted “Uncle he is responsible for whatever has happened to Aradhya , It was all because him” he was raging with anger

“Son, now it’s not the time for all this, please leave that, my daughter is fighting for her life, please stop all this nonsense”

“But Uncle, He….” Karthik pointed towards me, but uncle cut him off in the mid way

“Even though he was responsible for all that, he is even responsible for saving her, and now please be a gentleman and stop fighting like a kid, we need some peace”
Karthik didn’t say a word but was fuming from inside .There are no words for me, uncle was supporting me. He has taken the good I have done, but left the bad happened because of me. My heart went heavy with all this. With a heavy heart I left the place to meet the doctor.  

By: Lohita Poosarla

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