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Sunday, 9 February 2014

One Life Chapter-18 , by Lohita Poosarla

That day evening, I went inside to meet the doctor, now it’s not about her, but it’s about me.

“We have gone through your reports” told the doctor

“So, how many months left doctor?” I asked him, it has taken all my courage to ask this

“By god’s grace, we have detected this at a very earlier stage; there are many chances of it being cured, if you start your medication from now and with proper treatment”

“Doctor, how much percentage of chances left for me to get cured?”

“70 % chances, Nowadays people who have been detected at a later stage are also being cured, so I think with proper treatment, you can come over this easily”

“Really Doctor? Do I have chances?”

“Yes” doctor continued “I will refer you to a doctor in Mumbai; he is specialist in treating Cancer, and he can easily treat you.”

“Thanks Doctor” I have very little hope of surviving from this, because after what my mother has gone through, I was hopeless , not only my mom , but my dad’s brother to suffered from this , it runs in our genes I think.

It’s on the third day after that incident , doctor told us that she is responding to the treatment , if she opens her eyes she would be out of danger , I was happy for her but sad for me. Everyone was eagerly waiting for her to open her eyes.

Now it’s time for me to take a decision, I know that she loves me, that is the thing she wanted to say but couldn’t, now I don’t even know I will live or not, it’s all what I need to see in the future, So its better If I leave her now before she comes into her senses. 

So I made a decision to move out of her LIFE for the good of everyone.

With that I made arrangements to leave to Mumbai for initial treatment. I told to her brother that I need to leave to Mumbai urgently, so I’m leaving, he asked me to stay back, till she opens her eyes, I told him “She is out of danger now so no problem, and I need to leave right away” I have become so close to all her family members in those three days, they have considered me as a family member, especially, her dad. But fate has something more for me in store.

Then a nurse came running towards us and told us that she has opened her eyes. Everyone hurriedly left to see her , I went till the door and was observing everything from the door , I didn’t dare to go inside , she has opened her eyes finally , I thanked god for what he has done , I could see her eyes , searching for something and I know the answer that it was for me.

With that I left that place, started my journey towards Life… or may be death.
I have taken transfer from college, to another college in Mumbai with the help of my friend’s father. I haven’t informed anyone about me, I was all by myself.
I was fighting day and night with it, to win over it and to go back to her; every minute I’m struggling with cancer is to be with her.

One day I have come down to college on small work, and there I saw her, a happy go girl as I saw her earlier, I was happy, but I don’t want her to know about me or the pain I’m going through, I saw her and was happy to see her, I don't want to make her sad, so I avoided her saying that, and left college immediately.

That was the happiest day in my life after many days, seeing her; there are no words for my happiness. I have returned to my place and continued with my treatment , now with a fighting spirit , I want to win over death , Yes I want to , because I will Prove to everyone , My Love for her is far greater than anything else.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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