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Monday, 24 February 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-3

The party was over not for the day, but for the life. Pain in my legs made me go to the doctor, who listed numerous tests to find the exact reason behind this pain. It was 12th January. It was marked as the date of grief in my life. On the next day, the reports were out.  What happened next was never expected.

“It’s Cancer,” said the doctor.
The obvious question was ‘ How’ but no one asked it, everyone around me focused on questioning ‘Why’. Why am I suffering from it? The question remained unanswerable. Even I asked the same question from my life repeatedly and from the god I respected the most. Everyone just failed, failed to answer it correctly. Was it destiny? Was it fault in my stars? Alternatively, I was just a random pick. Just a cancer patient, like thousand others. People die. Yes, they do. In numbers, every day. That was my day.
Everyone forced me to hope that I can survive.  I hoped the same. But, my mother was completely broken. The numerous hugs that were turned wet justify the number of pieces she was broken into. Hope, eventually we had to bring this word into our lives. We did it. We chose the path to truth almighty and walk on the imaginary highway of hope and belief that could fall any time.
I noticed my mom crying several times on the other side on walls. I pretended to smile and see the smile we shared. It wasn’t our decision. The path and the destination was decided for me. I just had to walk every day to shorten my life and sail near my death.
I had assumed it… but then a little conversation with my chachu Mancha, consoled me.
“You know what?” said Kartik Maingi.
“What?” I repeated to get the rest of the words.
“I was 14 when I suffered from chronic pancreatic. It is a lifelong disease in which the pancreas stop working and there are a lot of continuous pain episodes.”

I listened.
“You are an eye witness. You saw me come out of it. Now, it is your turn. If you have the will, the way is gardened.” He completed.
He was right. My journey was decided but not the way of measuring it. I still had the choice, choice to make it better. If only I could manage that will in me to live, I will find the way.
Chachu! Agar aap theek ho sakte ho to mein bhi ho skta hu.” His life enlightened my rest of the journey.   Shaurya in me rose and, I was equipped with the weapons of smile and hope, to fight through this. On the other side, it was my life waiting for me. A cancer free blood was waiting to run in my veins. On the other side, was a happy life to lead. Cancer? Huh? I could have died with it, but I preferred living for it.
There is a solution… Solution to every problem we face. We all are in the same arena of life, but facing different problems and are on different levels. Somewhere in this world, someone is dying of hunger and I am dying of Cancer. Somewhere in this world, someone is dying of accidents and someone is dying in its mother’s womb without even being born. Apparently, it was clear that I was neither unlucky nor with bad stars. God loved me equally to the love he gave to his other creations. He was just testing me. He believed that I was strong enough to fight and so did my mother. I couldn’t let them down. Their belief was the real power in me that restored the every lasting smile, until  my brain sleeps and I couldn’t smile for much longer.
I had the solution… Solution named ‘Chemotherapy’

Written by:

Venu Pandey

Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Parul Parihar

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