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Sunday, 23 February 2014

SHAURYA : Mist of Existence


My life is sand,
Slipping down my hand.

I beg it to end,
Better let go the infected sand.

Lap of mother and hug of father,
Won't let me go, ll keep us together.

In way to love the life, please the death,
I hurried my life.

Each sand particle falling through,
Magnifies to form bed of my grave.

I ll die, die to save cancer,
Question of my life, with an answer.

I want to survive and I will,
A lil space in your hearts, until.

Little love, little mist of existence,
That ll be my life, perhaps in subsistence.


Mere Pyaare,

Tum mere jeevan ka sabse anmol tohfa ho jo param pita parmeshwar ne mujhe diya hai. Par tum itne pyare ho ki ishwar bhi mujhse Irshaya karne laga aur tumhare noor ko dekh kar usse bhi raha na gaya.
Mein jaanti hu ki tum jaha bhi ho, humein dekh rahe ho. Mere pyaare tum toh mere Rom Rom me base ho. Nahi jaanti ki mein kaise jee paaungi tumhare bina. Har cheez jis par bhi meri nazar jaati hai, usme tum hi nazar aate ho. Tum meri zindagii me bete hi nahi, bhaai aur dost bhi ho. Tumhari daant mujhe bahut yaad aayegi. Aisa lagta hai tum swarg me jeena seekh kar hi aaye the, par humein toh jeene tumne sikhaya. Jeevan ki choti se choti khushi ka mol mein tumhare kaaran hi jaan paayi hu. Tumhare jeevan ke antim shano me jab tumne mujhse kaha ki 'Mamaa mujhe lag raha hai ki mein ab ghar kabhi nahi jaa paaunga'. Toh ye mujhe jhooth hi laga kyoki ghar waapis aane par maine tumhe waapas paa liya. Isliye mein kabhi tumhare liye yeh nahi kahungi ki mera beta Shaurya Tha, balki mera Beta SHAURYA HAIN.
Tere harr dost me maine tujhe paa liya hain. Ab mein jaani ki tu apne dosto par jaan deta tha kyoki tere dost bilkul tere jaise hain.

Apne PAPA par tera atoot vishwaas mujhe pal pal yaad aata hai. Kaise ke tu apne papa ki harr baat ko patthar ki lakeer samjhta hain. Apne dil ke har darr ko apne Papa se pooch kar door leta hain.
Par dukh iss baat ka hain ki ishwar ko tu jyada pyaara hai. Woh tujhe apne paas hi rakhna chahte hain.
Par mujhe bhi pakka vishwas hai ki mein tujhe apne ghar me vaapis paaungi. Woh din door nahi jab hum sab pehle ki tarah ikathe rahenge. Ishwar tera bahut Shukraana ki tune humein iss kaabil banaya ki hum SHAURYA ke Maata Pita bann paaye. Kyoki SHAURYA jaisa Baalak toh sirf Param Pita Parmeshwar ke naseeb me hota hain..


" Waqt ko badal phir badal de e-khuda..
Khata malloom nahi per saza mujhe mili"
Dear cheeku beta, You know Bua has always loved you..I have scolded you and also disagreed to a lot of your decisions, but you know what, for all the reasons that i have loved you! Beta, you are the best bacha i have ever got and i am lucky to have met you. I know u never said but you loved us too.. The care you showed for your younger brother sanchit has always touched me. I know wherever you are u will only spread happiness . You will be my biggest strength and inspiration
forever.  Bua loves you # shaurstrong#


Chiku bhai you are the best brother i could ever have . Though. You used to tease me a lot but i know that it was ur way of showing love.nomatter how much u used to tease,i used to love it and will miss it.i wanted to make you eat every possible dish i could make.i hope i proved to be a good brother the way you proved it to me.i know you cared for me a lot and used to get worried whenever i used to come home late.i hope my surprise made ur eighteenth bday your best bday ever.i will take care of mummy papa and wont give u a chance to complain.i will try to be the best son to them like u were.dont worry cheeku bhai,i will make u proud the way u made us.i know u are with me forever and will guide u cheeku bhai.


brothers are best buddies and indeed i have had one... Cheeku bhai, i dont know how to thank God for making you my brother, but i know i am the most blessed person on this earth as i got YOU as my BROTHER. !! Thank you for making me laugh everytime, sharing your things with me and teaching me new things,,whether is abt studies, movies or even cricket. I cannot fun we had playing cricket. Thank you for loving me so much and caring for me like my own parents.I promise to stay strong and become like YOU! Love you always Cheeku bhai!! Shaurstrong


Dear Cheeku,                    
You are a fighter, our hero , our champ , our soul!! For sure with you a part of all of us has gone because without you our family is incomplete.. You were the medicine for all our sorrows.. The years spent with you have been sooo amazing and positive because you never left a moment without making us laugh! Thank you so much for all the good memories you gave us by the laughter riots , funny dancing , funny faces you always made and of course the 'so much of funny drama' for the facebook pictures! You are the best brother for any sister! You can never ever be replaced.. My Brother , I know you're watching us from somewhere! You are the best role mode for me .. and for everyone! And from today , you're pain free! You'll suffer nothing.. We love you soo much! Take care of yourself hero.. You're still alive in our hearts! Indebted to be your sister forever! My brother strongest..#shaurstrong!! Love you..


''Brothers are the best gift of nature. You feel so safe and comfortable when around them''. And we are the luckiest sisters in this world<3. 

You've been the messiah of happiness in our lives. You've become a comedian , an actor , a dancer and at times even a singer to make us both laugh. And how can we forget that you've also become a 'BIG DRAMA QUEEN' occasionally for the 'Facebook Pictures.' We might have never said this but you are the most important person in our lives.. We've fought , teased , not talked at times yet have loved each other the most <3 .. Life was so Perfect n until we saw you suffer .. Every time you suffered , we got hurt! Still cannot forget how you asked for the Chant from Sanya's phone and chanted till late in the ICU so that you could live , live peacefully , But almighty was very mean.. We Love You , for life and beyond.. Jai Shaurya.. #ourbrotherstrongest #shaurstrong !!


He was a big fan of cricket ... And yuvraj was an inspiration to him ... He always said when he's fine and playing so well after cancer .i can also win this battle..!!

The greatest gift he gave me is he taught me how to be strong and I will be forever greatful!!


i knew him since a kid but started knowing him well after i learnt tht he was suffering in NOVEMBER 13.

i was taken aback.
I met him but was higly inspired to know that despite knowing his disease , he was in his high spirits
and since I am a doctor he was discussing about disease with me.
Then i advised him to go to Golden temple and he was little hesitant and with his perfect sense of humour told Dad this is my last trip to any religious place , after this I will not go anywhere . tomorrow you will say change your religion.

and i noticed that he still had sense of humour left..

then once we did buddhism chanting
and he had so much pain on his face as if he was begging God to give him life ...yes he wanted to live!!

"Waqt guzar raha hai apni raftar me,
Par saanse jaise tham si gayi hain..
Teri yaadon ke naam hai ye jahaan ab saara..
Sagar ki lahar bhi jaise shant ho gayi hai..
Jane kaun se anjaan safar me chal diye tum akele,
Gumnaam chuppi sabke honthon me bass si gayi hai..
Kuch bhi nahi badla par duniya.. duniya nahi lagti,
Dil toh dhadakta hai par jindagi jaise wahe ruk si gayi hai"

**Part -3 will be posted tomorrow**

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