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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Horizon, A very Short Story by HAC

"You think there is a world beyond horizon?" She asked looking at the fat sun drowning in the sea water.

"Actually I do not have any answer to it but still I want to answer it because someday someone will ask the same question from you," He said. She looked deep inside his eyes and saw the reflection of Sun and the horizon. They were young and were walking on sand somewhere on the beach of Pondicherry.

"Hmmmm.." She nodded.

"The answer is... We don't need to go beyond horizon until we find everything we need to live here," He replied. They kept walking on sand of time. Soon, the footprints trailing behind turned from two to three and few more years later they turned back to two again.

"Is there any world beyond the horizon, mommy?" The little girl asked. She had a cotton candy in her hand and other hand was clutching the index finger of her mother.

She smiled and said, "Even if there is a world, we don't need to go there until we find everything to live here."
She turned back to see the footprints, the third one was missing. Somewhere she knew that she could not get what she want in this world. They both sat there on the sand and waited for sunset and stars to arrive. There was not any horizon, anymore.

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