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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-9

“Why are you crying?” I asked Ayushi. Listening to her sobs was not possible. I tried making her laugh or at least smile, but she did not. She kept crying over the phone and was blabbering that what would happen to me once she leaves and how would she live without me. She had to go and she clearly accepted that but at the last moment, she just broke down into tears and did not want to go. She knew that she would have a completely new life there but she did not want to let the previous life go, the life where she had I and I had she.

“You seem to be worried,” Someone said and my heartbeats raced. I looked at the other side. Mancha was standing there with Is-there-anything-serious expressions on his face and apples in his hand.

“You scared me Mancha,” I took a deep breath. Thank god, it was Mancha, not anyone else.

“You are worried because I scared you?” Mancha asked in the other way.

“Look at her Mancha,” I showed him cellphone. He looked back with I-still-do-not-understand-what-you-are-saying expressions.

“Ayushi… She has been crying since so long and I am trying to console her but she is not even ready to listen to me.”

“Is she still there on the call?” he asked.

She was there on the call but I still preferred checking it. I pressed the Unlock button and found that the call was disconnected. “No,” I shake my head. 

“What’s the problem with her?” He asked.
“There is no problem Mancha. There is a thing that she has to go to Singapore for graduation and now in the last moments she is breaking down,” I explained.

“That’s just last moment nervousness. She will be all right soon.”

“Will I be breaking down the same way in my last moments? Will you console me the same way?” I asked.
“I don’t know. I will be too old or maybe dead to notice that,” He said in sarcasm. Indirectly he meant that I was not dying. He meant that I would live enough to see him getting old. He meant that I would die after him. He meant all the hopes in that one sentence.

There was no reply in my mind. Therefore, I smiled.

I looked at my cellphone. It was vibrating. I read the name it was Sid this time. Tapping my thumb and sliding it, I picked up the call. “Hey buddy you were supposed to come.” 

“I was not just supposed to come. I am on my way. Give me ten minutes, I ll be reaching you.”

His ten minutes itself took 15 minutes to arrive. Therefore, he came after 25 minutes. With his long smile, he managed to walk inside the room and rested his ass on one side on my bed. “You are stinking,” observed.
“Well than give me a hug,” I widen my arms.

He, with blank expressions just stared at me for a while and said, “Dude! You sound gay.” I stared back at him and then we both laughed.

That’s why I loved him a lot (sounds gay but I do). When everyone who used to come to see me brought fruits, other eatables and sometimes tears. Sid was the only person who used to bring ‘smile’ with him.
“Buddy! There is some problem,” I said.

“Ayushi?” he confirmed.

I nodded.

“I tell you, these girls are a huge problem,” he chuckled.

“Now who is sounding gay?” I laughed and she arched his eyebrows. “Man, she I not just a girl. She is Ayushi and tell me what should I do. Do you thing this LDR thing works or I should let her go. Wese bhi… I don’t think I have much life left in me and I definitely don’t want to use my expensive life to screw any other life. She has been crying on phone and I just couldn’t see her that way.”

He listened to me and then said, “It’s completely your decision yaar. You cannot just ask everybody what you should do. Ask yourself what you want. Solution and answer is within you,” He put his hand on my hand. “You just need to find it."

Mancha and I both looked at Sid. Was he the same Sid. If yes… why he was talking so philosophical. Was he okay? Or it was just a side-effect of having a Cancer-ill best friend.

Sid baba ki jai,” I cracked a joke and all three of us laughed.

"Hey! Tujhe khushi ke aansu bhi aate hai kya?", he said wiping the water that was running from my eyes.
For a moment everyone around me was still. I touched my face and it was wet. I had no idea what exactly it was, I  had tears. 

Was Ayushi the reason or laughing after so long? I was confused, i decided no to give further thoughts to this.
Meanwhile Sid left and so did Mancha. There was just me and Mumma in the room. 

She made me drink the holy water of Amritsar and was just smiling looking at me. Her unusual smile was adding more to my confusion.

"What happen?", i asked looking at her.

She gave no answer and was silently moving her hand on my forehead.

Written by: 

Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Parul Parihar  

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