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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-8

Being with her was indeed like being in some other world, a cancer free happy world. Where the smile on her lips could be felt on my lips, where the mountains of my sufferings would crumble down in defeat and would add to my bliss.

She was a dream, a dream far from the land of despair and never ending pains. There were days that brought our souls together and tangled them. And there were these eerie nights which made it even by keeping us apart. Every day was cancer free and every night was Cancer of my life. Again we separated with eyes filled with sorrow of a temporary separation with the arrival of the Moon. That's the reason I liked the sun more, it brought me more close to her.

 "Cheeks!"... I bounced back to the reality when Mancha entered the room. I was so lost in the memories of the day that I did not even hear him coming.

"So how are you my champ? Bhaiya just told me that you have fever?, He asked placing his hand on my forehead.

"Papa must have told him that I went out, so there is no point hiding", I said to myself. A smile emerged on my face, since last few weeks everything was ending on Ayushi. Even the fever reminded me of her.

"How would one be after a dream date?" he continued with a raised brow.

I knew he must have guessed it that I went out with Ayushi, its so hard to hide things from me. Sometimes I do wonder that how difficult it will be for him when I will not be around?

I wanted to live, live more than they wanted me to live. More for my family. They had just one person to lose, I had my whole family

I exclaimed with joy... I so badly wanted to share with him this but he had already made it! "Guess what Mancha! Ayushi wanted to have rolls of Taj Hotel but I made her eat from Jail Road", saying that I burst into laughter.

He joined me too and the air was filled with laughter. But the laughter did not last for long, that night was so difficult to pass. The pain was killing me, it seemed as if my organs had stop working. I felt helpless, Mumma was sitting right beside my bed.

Her dark eyes were the evidence that how many sleepless nights she has passed crying. It was getting unbearable! But I did not want to bother her. I said no word, made no move. Slowly I was tolerating it by myself but inside I was all hollow and was clutching to my blanket tightly.

I could have passed the entire night bearing the pain but my eyes, they revealed it all. Tiny tear drop from my left eye touched my cheek and Mumma.. Well.. She has noticed that. That was the moment I gave it up! I don't know what happen after that, I don't even want to recall that night, it was the worst night I had ever gone through!

My eyes slowly started catching the glimpse of the world around me. Some known faces were all around me looking at me with hopeful eyes. I was back to  the same room, room that had witnessed the biggest change in me, that had seen me falling, then raising.

I was back to the Hospital.

"Bhai ko kya hua?" Sanchit said holding my hand.

Hearing that question Bhua could not hold back her tears, she cried terribly. There was nobody to console her, physically everyone was present there but each one of them was going through so much.

Bunny looked worried, petrified. That look on his face clearly showed how badly he feared losing me. Papa were busy talking to some doctor over phone, trying every bit to save his son. To save me.

And Mumma, I had never seen her like this before. Her eyes looked weak, she was numb. Silently she was just looking at me chanting 'Jai Guruji Jai Guruji' a million times.
"Reports says its Dengue", Mancha said as he entered the room. It seemed he had to put on a lot of strength to inform everyone about this.

"If this Cancer could not kill me, God actually invited this new disease", I said loud enough so that everyone can hear.

"Nothing can kill you.. Nothing", Papa were speaking more to himself.

The day passed with multiple injections were digged on my skin, numerous pines were going all around my body.

My body was now used to all this, all this seemed very normal. The pain seemed will live inside me forever and probably will die one day taking me with it.

Passing time in the hospital was really tough. All I did was go through all old pictures. There was something common in all those pictures, Sahil my brother cum personal photographer. Every picture has its own story, every story had some secrets, some truths, some lies. 

But this part of the story had just one thing, one question. Who will win- Shaurya or Cancer?

I was trying to find the answer of this question, then my phone beeped.

It was a message from Ayushi and smile was back on my face.

The message read.

"I am leaving for Singapore for four years"

And the world stopped.

Written by: 

Parul Parihar  
Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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