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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-4

Chapter – 4 Vathsala And Akash

Akash’s father called up Vathsala’s Father to inform them that everything is ok from their side, and asked them to come over to their place for the next procedures to follow.

Everyone at Vathsala‘s home were happy, It was a very good match for her and there were no bounds for their happiness.

Vathsala was happy, sad, tensed, all emotions charging upon her all at once. She was happy because her parents were happy, she was sad because if everything gets settled she need to leave her parents, she was tensed because how will her new home be.

On the day when Akash and his parents came to see her, Akash has taken Vathsala’s brothers phone no. From that day onwards, Vathsala’s brother Mohan and Akash were continuously talking on phone with each other, and her brother was one type of a psycho, she even calls him like that. He use to tease her that “Akash his talking with me but not with you”

“You both are some type of dostana” she shouted back angrily

“Don’t be jealous sissy; we both love each other you know: p”

“Yeah, even I’m saying that only, you both are dostana”

“Jealous fellow, you are!”

“What type a guy is he bhayya, he is not talking to me” she said sulkily “Did he ask anything about me bhayya”

“No why will he ask about you, when he loves me” he teased her more.

“Get lost” she threw a pillow at him
“Don’t worry sis, tomorrow is his birthday, I’m going to call him, and let’s wish him together”

“Oh really, Bhayya?”

“Yes dear sissy”

“Now cheer up” and he left her room

She was so excited about that , she is going to talk with him today , she practiced a hundred times in her mind , on how to wish him , she mentally practiced many times on how she will wish him ,finally the time has arrived , she was tensed , her voice was not coming she was all tensed.

After everyone wished him, her brother handed over the phone to her, her heart was racing, and she could hear her breath,
“Hello” she said
“Hi” he said

“Many many happy returns of the day” she said

“Thank you, thanks a lot, your wishes meant a lot to me” His voice was so sweet. She could feel his voice, shivers ran through her spine

“Welcome, I’m handing over the phone to bhayya”

“Ok” that’s it, he didn’t even ask for her number nor did he ask to her to talk with him for some more time, her face drooped.

With that she handed the phone to her brother and came back to her room disappointed , after a while , her brother came into her room and asked her ,
“What happened? Aren’t you happy?”

“He didn’t speak anything other than that bhayya :( ”

“Chill sis, what he is doing is right, you know, even I like that” said her brother

“You like that??” she was shocked and asked him in a surprised tone

“Yeah buddy, you know it’s good if he doesn’t talk to you till engagement gets over, so don’t keep any hopes fine?”

“You are a psycho, you don’t understand my feelings”

“I do understand, and later you will understand that whatever I have told now, is for your own good only”

“hmmm ….” She couldn’t tell anything

“Don’t worry sis, he is the best you can get and he is the right one for you, Trust me !.”

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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