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Just Saying

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Sequel, A Poem by HAC

Once upon a time, a story was inked,
By a Writer, for a Reader, their eyes linked.

The Writer wrote 'I Love You', Reader felt it,
He lost a Character, Reader Cried, emotions lit.

The story was the Love they shared together,
Story folded in book, into the shelf, touched treasure.

Unicorns, Rainbows- Black ink splashed on the page,
From 1st page to 268th, their love's age.

On 269th, she wrote the letter, Love, Heart pigeon express,
He read, replied, Love existed, grew nevertheless.

Love counted each word written, and shaped itself  as infinity,
The pile of letters, much more crumbled, boxed in eternity.

Met just in words on paper, their love shaped,
A letter wasn't replied, in the wait, few heartbeats escaped.

She died, He died- the box was the secret,
Years later, Still... Once upon a time, box found,
the story became- The Sequel.

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