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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-12

Chapter - 12


Vathsala’s life was back on track, with the help of her brother, she somehow made her dad agree for her further studies, she applied for a distance M.B.A and in the meanwhile, she was trying to establish a company for women’s welfare. Yes, after what has happened with her, she realized there are many other things for women to fight in this world for!

She has realized that what she has faced was very minor issue; there are many girls who are fighting for their life. For all the women who have been abandoned by their husbands after marriage for dowry, or the women who lost their husband, in simple, for all the women suffering, she established an organization to support all such women who are fighting with their life. There is lot more in this world to fight for, live for.

She has become a successful entrepreneur in a very less span of time, she has been influential in helping women understanding what to do with their life and how to fight with life, her speeches inspired many women, and has given them the spirit to fight with life.

She was happy with what she is doing , lighting up many people’s lives , she herself  was so depressed with life’s unfair action , but then  she was happy , because that situation is what made her into the present day VATHSALA. But somewhere deep within herself , she felt that someday Akash will come back to her , will hold her hand and say “I will never leave you” , but she even knew that all these type of fairy tale stories happen only in Stories and dreams and not in reality, Never !.


He never knew what has happened, but the only thing he knew was his marriage with Vathsala has been cancelled, he never knew the reason, it was his father’s decision, and he has become a spectator in this. Vathsala is a girl with vision and dreams, he liked that in her, at first he thought that he wanted to have a girl with beauty and intelligence, he was not mesmerized with her beauty and also, he felt quite a bit of inconvenience because she was so timid in speaking to him, but later on, as their conversation has begun and the flow has continued, their started an liking towards her, later on everything was well, then all of a sudden , his dad told that this match has been cancelled , he didn’t have the courage to ask him nor he could disagree with his decision , he still vividly remember the conversation that has happened between them

“Son, is it okay for you, with this match” asked his dad

“Well, dad…” he dragged but couldn’t give an answer, it was ok for him on the other hand he is having second thoughts

“I know Son, Now don’t worry, this match has been cancelled, BE happy”

It was bombshell for him; he never expected this, after what has happened in the previous days, why did his father take such a decision? Whose decision was it?

He left his fate in the hands of his father. He is neither sad nor happy just impassive to everything.


Ishika fought with her parents for her love, but she has failed because of ARJUN, her only love. Yes, all this is happening because of Arjun and his inability to make his parents accept for their marriage. She tried to convince her mother and brother about them, but they were not in a position to accept any of her words because they lost the trust in her and her love. Especially her brother , who has been convinced that Arjun was perfect for her sister , but later on due to Arjun’s behavior , he lost his complete trust on him , and is not ready to leave his sister’s future in that person , even he felt bad because , he knew how much Arjun loved her !

Ishika’s father, who doesn’t know about all these things, has found a suitable alliance for her and has started his preparation for their engagement! She was startled when her dad announced about this.  She cannot deny his dad nor accept to his decision. They have been united by love but fate has separated their paths and destiny


“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

Arjun has never thought that, he and Ishika need to separate their paths, in this life. He can neither leave his parents for Ishika nor Ishika for his parents. It’s like both of them are playing tug of war with him asking him to choose between them. On one hand , it’s his parents , who has put up all their dreams on him all these years , on the other hand it’s his future , with whom he want to cherish his dreams , It’s not a simple yes /no decision , it’s his life , dream and future!!

He knows they are on the verge of separation, but there is no one who can replace her in his life!

P.S. : -  We make many plans for our future , but only Life Happens <3 <3  while we were busy planning for future ! In the Pursuit of Life, Life happens without even letting us know, that life has happened. <3 <3.  Some things are destined to be , we cannot change it !!!

We often meet our fate on the road we try to avoid the most!!!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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