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Monday, 26 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-17


Silence was predominant between them , Vathsala and Akash couldn’t find words to break this speechlessness, Akash took Vathsala into a cabin and asked her to wait there.

“I will be back in a minute, please wait here Vathsala” she nodded her head in anticipation.

He hurriedly walked past the corridor, into the washroom, closed the door and splashed some water on to his face. Clutching his fist hard, closed his eyes.

‘God, why are you testing me? Why? Is this the mortification I’m paying for what I have done? Yes, she is the one for me! I have realized that but how can I now…” he opened his eyes and was staring blankly at his engagement ring. Tear drop tried to escape from his eye, but he held it back and splashed some more water on to his face, wiped away the water and walked back to where he left Vathsala.

His footsteps found a break as he saw Vathsala talking with Rahul , Rahul was talking with her as well as exploring Vathsala with his eyes , Akash was raging with anger , ‘how dare he is doing that to Vathsala’ and walked hurriedly towards them to break their conversation , before he could do anything , Rahul has left the place. The last scene between them made him more crazy about Vathsala , When Rahul once again extended his hand while leaving , Vathsala , gently refused his hand-shake.

Vathsala upon seeing him was once again relieved to see Akash as earlier, 
“Thank God, you turned up Akash, that guy has gone mad, I think something has smitten him, this was the second time you rescued me today” she told him smiling

He smiled at her and told “But you knew very well, how to handle yourself Vathsala”

She put on a question mark on her face and asked “What does that mean”
“Well you knew the answer, now let’s get back to work please”

“Yeah as you say” she didnt prod further into the issue and left it

Rest of the day was spent in discussing and planning about the event, even though Akash was engrossed in his work, but he couldn’t resist himself from eyeing Vathsala, whatever she does its making him to fall for her more and more, the way she puts back the peck of hair falling on to her face behind her ears, the way she is settling her spectacles when they were falling of her nose, she was so cute. ‘Adorable’ Akash thought ‘how foolish of me to leave her’, in the middle of their work her mobile rang

“Hello” she told 

“Yeah, yeah ... I got you... yes yes ... I will be available in the evening, please don’t mind… it’s all my pleasure to help you out…. no no… it’s my responsibility, there is nothing I’m doing out of the moon things” 

“Who was that?” asked Akash who couldn’t control his curiosity 

“Nothing, A Lady wanted to meet me for a solution on her problem”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“There is nothing in that Akash, It’s my ambition, and I have succeeded in that, I’m happy for that, there is happiness in that” she said with a happiness , happiness that is coming from within , there is a tinge of satisfaction in her voice , he felt that.

“You’re so humble Vathsala”

“He he, nothing of that sort” she said with a wave of dismissal , he thought she was so ambitious , no she was ambitious to do something in her life , but that did not led her to delinquency. He understood the difference of having a aim in life and being ambitious enough to hurt people and think of his/her own good rather than others.

“Vathsala” he called her with devotedness in his voice

“Ha Akash” she turned towards him

“You are Gorgeous and exquisite looking” he told with truthfulness in his voice and turned towards her, she was staring at him with wide eyes, their eyes met for the second time, and now both of them reading each other eyes and they knew what that meant now!! 

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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