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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-18

Chapter -18

Finally the big day has arrived; Vathsala with her team members arrived and was organizing everything, distributing the work, and everything was in a hustle and bustle, even though she was busy with her work her eyes were searching for Akash.

Akash upon reaching his office directly went to the place where the program is being organized in search of her. His jaw dropped down on seeing her. He couldn’t understand , what is making her look more beautiful , is it because of the charm in her face or is it because of those saree she wears or the way she flaunts herself without making it look odd , what was it making her look more beautiful ? Today she wore a plain dark pink saree with a golden border with a designer golden blouse, and jumkhi’s which went along with the saree and her hair was set up with curls. The way she presents herself makes people to admire her. He was at awe with her. He was just staring at her with awesomeness. He regained his senses and walked up to her.

“Hey Hi” he told casually

“Hii Akash, Good morning” she said without lifting her head and was scribbling something on to her notepad.

“You look busy” he asked

“Nope, jotting down few points for my final speech”

“Nice, can I have a look at it” he asked her trying to pull the notepad from her

She backed away from him and told “ha ha no, that is only for women not for men” she said winking at him.

“Hmm ok, see you then” he told and was about to leave the place when Vathsala called him back “Hey you felt bad?”

“Nope, not at all, I can hear it when you will be addressing these people, because I will be around, coz you may need my help” he said winking at her, she gave him a thumbs up sign and he left the place.

And the day’s event has begun; everything was going well, and now the final part of it, Vathsala’s speech. Akash was at the far end of the room, waiting for this part, coz he heard a lot about her public speaking skills. And here began her speech.

“Good evening my dear ladies” she said

“Good evening” came back the chorus from the audience

“So how was your day? Did you enjoy the activities done by us?

“Yessssssssss” came the chorus now a bit louder

“Well, can any one of you tell, how are you feeling now?”

One lady stood up and told “You know it was like a stress reliever, and I enjoyed a lot, hopefully everyone here I think”

“Thank you so much and that was really a great feedback from you, actually this organization has been formed for the modern day women, yes, in this modern day women not only plays an important role at home but also plays an important role in the outside world.

Women face many social challenges in the current day and age. Whether it be securing an income for her family or raising children amidst the harsh economic crisis, a woman plays many roles... Women are often over-worked and women’s rights are still very much an issue in many parts of the world.

We need to empower women to face challenges by providing tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual stress. A sense of community spirit is created that allows women to face similar challenges as a team rather than individually. Women need to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right.

You might be listening to news, reading newspaper or magazine, you would have gone through incidents and accidents with women in India. While any other article on women’s empowerment in India will take a look at our rich heritage and enlightened societies of the past where women were treated as equals, the concept of “India” itself evolved quite recently, relative to the sum of its parts’ histories. But the TRUTH is that in the modern India, the woman has always been a second grade citizen, no matter what its esteemed leaders have said or done. The reasons could be varied for various women, some women could be deprived of these opportunities because their men don’t want them to work, the others may be restricted due to family pressures or peer pressures. Even I myself was an strong example of one such thing” she took a brief pause, there was pin drop silence in the auditorium, everyone was listening intently to her every word and she continued “Yes, it is only in India that glaring and brutal gang rapes occur frequently in a state that is headed by a woman Chief Minister. Gender discrimination is the least of worries for women in India, known otherwise as the fourth most dangerous country in the world for women. Other instances of violence against women has an astonishing and grim variety to it – with acid throwing, domestic violence stemming out of dowry, rape, harassment and an assortment of others”

“We mainly concentrate on helping out women in their problems, and help them in finding a solution, and relieving them from stress from their routine work, revitalize them with new energy”

“Sorry that was very long, and thanks for your patience with me” with that she concluded her speech and the whole auditorium was roaring with claps, later on continued with awards distribution , and after that many women walked up to her to appreciate her , and some to find a solution for their problem. It has become so late and she was totally exhausted.

She collected her things and was about to leave, “Hey madam, you forgot about me” she recognized the voice and turned towards the direction smiling “Hey Akash you haven’t left”

“How can I? I need to help you right?” he said making a puppy face

‘Ohh Really??” she asked him surprisingly

“Nope, was about to leave but heard that you were here, and was waiting for you madam”

“Oh, thanks, that’s so nice of you Akash”

“It’s my pleasure”

And they started walking towards the parking lot, “You have your vehicle?”

“No called up my brother, he will come here to pick me”

“If you don’t mind I will drop you Vathsala”

“No problem Akash, Mohan will be here any min”

“Ok by the time he comes, how about a coffee?”

“Yeah sure, I really need that Akash”

“Let’s go!” he sounded excited

He ordered coffee for both of them, and they both took their places,

“You seem to be tired Vathsala”

“So what else Akash”

“I’m sorry Vathsala for what I have done” he told with quavering voice

“About what?” she asked surprised at the question

“…” he didn’t answer, she understood and said soothingly

“Because of that only Akash I have changed a lot, and I am what I am now because of that I have achieved my dreams. Thanks a lot for that”


“Now , past is past Akash , all the best for your future , maybe lets meet again in this journey called life once again” she said calmly and left the place

‘How can I tell you Vathsala, I want you in my life!!? How can I?” and watched her as she left the place.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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