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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-7

Chapter -7  Ishika and Arjun

“Ishi try to understand me plz” Arjun was pleading Ishika

“You try to understand the seriousness Arjun, My mom knows about us, and she is asking you to meet her, what’s your problem now?

“Ishi I cannot come and talk like this, without the consent of my father”

“Did you take the consent of your father, when you loved me?”

“It’s not like that Ishika, but understand, I need to talk to him before meeting your parents”

“Arjun I don’t know where we are leading to” told Ishika with a heavy heart

“He held her hand told “Everything is going to be fine, don’t worry”

After so much of persuasion, finally Arjun has accepted to meet Ishika’s brother in a private place, Ishika’s brother along with his friend planned to meet him in their farm house. Ishika was all tensed, she knew what type guy her brother was and what type guy Arjun was! both are quite opposite’s , how can they mingle with each other , she was hopeless , she knew what would be the outcome of their meet , there is nothing she could do except to wait for the outcome of their meet.

Arjun met Rohit at the farm house as scheduled by them.

“Hi, I’m Arjun”

“Hi I’m Rohit, Ishika’s brother, and he is my friend” after greeting each other, there prevailed an awkward silence between them.

“So… Let’s come to the issue, without any delay, what you say” said Rohit breaking the silence. Arjun gave a simple nod, sipping his drink.

“Tell about you guys? How you met and when did your love start? I’d love to hear it!” told Rohit with an enthusiastic look.

“Well, it’s sort of, routine college story, nothing much special” Arjun concluded their love story in two words

“Oh, it’s sort of routine??? I thought you would exaggerate your story like everyone does” asked her brother sarcastically

“If I need to emphasize anything in particular about our story, then that would be Ishika, yes! After she has entered into my life everything changed, before her there was nothing, it was simple, just like we would say , before and After Christ” concluded Arjun giving a thumb sup signal to Rohit
“Wow, that’s great” giving him a you won signal.

And the evening drifted off into night, they were deeply engrossed in their talks, that they didn’t notice the time. Finally when they noticed, it has become too late.

“Arjun, why don’t you stay here tonight, it’s become late” asked Rohit.

“No problem Rohit, I will leave”

“Arey , Don’t be so formal yar , stay back , let’s have a balle balle” he winked at Arjun playfully. Arjun stayed back and they had a wonderful time together.

On the other hand, Ishika was waiting for Arjun’s call, to tell her everything about their meet, but Arjun was not attending her calls and she was getting worried minute by minute, second by second,

“How are things going on there? God Please see that everything goes well” she prayed to God

Next day morning she woke up with a start, and saw her brother standing beside her bed.

“Hey Bro, when did you come? I’ve been waiting for you the whole night”

“Really” he continued “For me or for …”

“Shut Up Bro and tell me what happened”

“Nothing happened; he is a good natured guy”

“That’s it!”

“What else do you want me to say” he made a face at her and was leaving her room but turned back and shouted
“He Loves you a Lot and knows a lot about you” and he left the room without listening to her further questions.

She grabbed her mobile and dialed Arjun’s number,

“Hey Princess, Good Morning”

“Morning Arjun, what happened yesterday, how was everything?”

“Cool cool buddy, everything went so well yesterday, your brother loves you a lot Ishi, he really cares a lot about you.”

“What did you people talk yesterday”

“Hey will call you back, I’m Driving” he disconnected her call

“Arrgh.. I don’t understand these people , Am I the one who doesn’t love anyone” she became furious at her brother as well as Arjun both saying the same story that the other loves her , she wants to know what happened , but these people are giving her funny answers. As she cannot bombard her brother, she decide to blow up Arjun :-P :-P , but she thanked god because their first meet was successful.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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