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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-21

Chapter – 21

Akash was waiting for Vathsala in a coffee shop. He called up Vathsala and asked her to come here, first she was reluctant, but when he insisted and told her that it is of something important, she accepted his invitation. Akash was deeply thinking now, how to tell her all this and ask her to help him out in coming out of it. He is getting frustrated with the situations, why everything is turning out like this, he needed a solution, and the only person he found reliable was her!

“Hey Akash” greeted Vathsala “Lost somewhere?” she asked him looking at his face

“Hey Hi Vathsala!!” his face was glowing on seeing her; she took a seat opposite to him.

“So what’s up? Why did you call me here?” she asked him

“I need your help Vaths” he asked her

“Vaths?” she asked him questioningly

“Yes, Any probs?” he asked her teasingly

“No issues, let’s get into the main point now.” She said as the topic was deviating

“Yeah Yeah, Lets Order something first and I will let you know in detail about everything.” They ordered cheese cakes and coffee as the waiter left, she asked him “So what’s cooking up mister?”

“Vathsala…….., this marriage needs to be cancelled” he slowly let out his thought

“What!!!”  It was a scream; her face went red indicating that she was angry “Do you think you can play with girls emotions as you like!!!” she shouted forgetting her surroundings

“Cool Vathsala, listen to what I have to say” he said waving his hands fervently

“What?” she questioned him angrily

“Well, Vathsala, my dad he is too money minded, I’m so frustrated by the way he is behaving. I cannot shout or scold him, he is my father after all and I do have minimum respect towards him, but his behaviour is becoming outrageous….”

“Now in what way is that related to your marriage Akash? He is getting what he wanted right?” she cut him short

“Yes, he got what he needed and is demanding more and more from them, which they can’t afford as of now because what I heard is that the girl’s parents are in deep debt, which need some time to recover, so now I need your help here”

“What can I do Akash? I cannot change your dad’s mind, nor I can ask the girl’s parents to stop, they have many hopes and they are all well prepared about all this, and I know how bad it will effect a girl’s family and I cannot do it, so it might never happen !” she said that as a statement and her features smoothened now

“NO! It’s not like that, you can do it!” he said

“How?” she asked again with a question mark on her face.

“Well, Vathsala, you meet the girl’s parents and the girl as well tell them what you have gone through because of my dad” he was saying all this , but his voice was deep indicating it’s hurting him badly.

“But how will that change them?”

“Your words will do the magic Vathsala , that’s why I chose you , tell them it’s not a big deal now later on they might face a lot because of my dad , their daughter won’t be happy in our home” he added “YOU CAN DO IT VATHSALA !!!” he stopped stressing and continued “You’re a motivational speaker , There is nothing I could say” he took her hands in his caught hold of them firmly, giving her the assurance that she can , she was staring at their hands , held her head down , she was in a difficulty to accept it , but she needs to help him as well as the girl and her family from Akash’s Father , a money minded man!!

“I will do what I can, just for you Akash!” she continued “and for the girl also, but is it the right thing to do now?” and she continued "What about your future Akash? Any girl you marry will face the same situation right ? " she asked him because even his life is at risk , if she helps him in cancelling this marriage.

"I know about my future Vathsala. And about my marriage and the girl , you help me in this and you will get the answers for all your doubts" looking at her with earnest
 he thought to himself 'even you knew the answer Vasthsala'


"I'll teach my dad a lesson" he said firmly banging the table.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes it is!!! I’m sure.” He gently pressed her hand telling that it will be fine and giving her the assurance.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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