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Just Saying

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Ethereal Feeling that I lost… (Poem)

The Ethereal Feeling that I lost…

Promise me when our time has ended 
The tears, broken heart and all sorrows have mended
When we say our last goodbye
And there are no more tears left to cry
Promise me that you will keep our memories alive,
For someone new might soon arrive.
For parting is the price we pay
We loved each other and now go our separate ways
I feel something is missing when you walked away all alone,
That night I sat waiting by the phone…
But you won’t be calling right? Because there is no more you.
What we had is gone, no longer shared by you. 
What we had is gone and no longer shared by two.
The spark is out, fire extinguished and gone.
The love isn’t personal; it’s for whoever comes along.
But please promise me now while we are on neutral grounds
That you’ll dwell on our memories when the mood comes along.
For I am tough, strong and promise not to cry,
Because I know…
For the every first “Hello”, there is a last “Goodbye”!


Madhurima Halder

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