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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-4

The message was from Aarush. Priya took a few seconds to remember Aarush Malhotra, who was her class mate during her higher secondary coaching classes. 
"Hey ..long r u??" Priya replied.
"Yea, very long time. I'm fab..wbu? What are you doin nwadays?"
"M fine. I'm pursuing Bsc It from Wadhwa Institute and you?"
"Oh! Nice..m pursuing my engineering from Somaiya."
"Engineering, no doubt....after all class ka topper tha yaar tu."
"Hahaha. topper word se m so bugged up, call me Aarush pls...."
"Alright Aarush, hey gtg..will catch u cre..  was nic talkin to u.. :) "
"Yup.. sure...cya tk cre...n sme here...was nicc taking to u too.. :) "
With that their official chat was eneded but hold on ye to shuruwat hai,  aage padho hota hai kya...!! In the evening Aarush left a hi for Priya to which she replied late night when she saw him online.
"Hello, what r u doin up so late?"
"Ohh..hi....actually was doin my assignments yaar...wbu?"
"Nothing much...was listening to music and now chatting to u.."
"Oh what kinda music do u listen to..?"
"Umm...I prefer slow romantic, sufi, old classics and some times raunchy as well...hahaha and yes soft and slow english songs are also on my playlists. What's your taste ?"
"Ditto... :o.... seems we have a common taste in songs.. nicc.. :) "
They chatted the whole night and not just that one night many nights they talked endless. From sharing their likes and dislikes in all genres. 
Priya lately realised it's been 4 am and she have to wake up at 6 for her college lecture.
"Oye 4 baj gaye...need to sleep now... I hv my lecture so hv to wake up at 6...bye now... good night...ummm no good morning....errrrr...kya wish karu..? :/"
"Hahaha...even m confused.  Anyways it's too late lets sleep now I mean u being at ur placeand I wilk be at mine. Pls don't mind haa...and yaa bear me with my stupid sense of humor. .. I apologise. cre... :)"
"Chill...koi nae...thts fine...bye.. :)"
Both dossed off with a twinge of smile on their faces.
Now a days for Priya and Aarush the only way to talk was via facebook so they were found online throughout the day and even if one of them was not available they would leave a message and the chat would proceed accordingly. The talk via fb continued for few days when finally Aarush asked Priya for her contact number. Priya initially wasn't sure about it because it would make Rohan angry but she somehow she was sure that Rohan will not make an issue and if he doea she will handle it so she gave her number to him.
Once the number were exchanged the time they used to chat via fb was increased as they used to text and talk almost whole day. From morning message to late night talks, their friendship bloomed from being just class mates to good friends. Where Priya was hapoy with Rohan, Aarush still loved Alia who was no more his girlfriend. 
One night, late around 2 am Priya's cell phone buzzed. She thought to be a text from Aarush but instead it was a call. She looked at her cell phone screen with squinted eyes and was puzzled to see that it was Aarush who was calling her so late. She pressed the answer key,
"Hello... Aarush...what's wrong.?"
It didn't took Priya long to guess that Aarush was drunk. During Priya's encounter with drunken Aarush, she got to know that he really loved Alia and still he do so but Alia never had any feelings for him so they mutually decided to remain just friends. Priya sympathise his pain and tried to soothe him by advising him to let it pass and move on. Aarush was really hurt and Priya could actually feel his pain. He was not even ready to hung up and sleep but Priya somehow made him to hung up and sleep by making him swear on their friendship to which he agreed and did the same.
That night their friendship stepped ahead from being good friends to best friends. Priya was loving this new friendship but was concerned about Aarush so she decided to meet him the very next day. They would officially meet for the first time after their being friends. So Priya was a little nervous about their first meeting. Where Priya was happpy with her equation with Aarush, Rohan was getting insecure with their bonding which lead to further complications.

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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