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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-7

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ......Chapter 7

"What the hell do you think of yourself Priya? You are such a whore. I'm sure you been sleeping around with that bastard Aarush. Since day one I knew you both aren't friends, infact you both arr friends with benefits. "

Rohan yelled at Priya throwing his helmet on the ground. This frightened Priya. Rohan called Priya urgently to meet in the near by garden. Priya was reluctant to meet but Rohan convinced her. As soon as came in his sight he started screaming at her. Rohan's temperament has been a problem ever since she got in relationship with him. He is a very short tempered guy. When he loses his temperature, hr goes all insane and mad. During that phase he can beat anyone any throw whatever comes in his hand.

Priya was now sobbing profusely, sitting on the bench of the garden.

"And you been going for morning walks with hin. You bitch."
Rohan rushed towards her, grabbed her right arm tightly and made her stand.

" hurts Rohan. ..leave me."
She snatched her arm from him.  It was all in pain by now.

"I asked you once about it but you just flared up, so I didn't feel the need to ask you again. I have my own decisions and more of we are just friends for God's sake. Trust me pls..."

Rohan was now all fuming with anger.
" Oh really. didn't feel the need, then what is your need now..hann tell me.. big dicks for your big mouth. ."

Priya couldn't believe her ears that Rohan was talking that low to her.
"Stop it Rohan.  You are crossing your limits.  Watch your mouth.  You can't talk to me like that. Don't accuse me with false allegations.  I know I'm honest, that's more than enough. I don't owe any explanation to anyone except my parents. I'm tired of justifying myself, my loyalty to you. Lately I have realised that we should break up. Enough of you now. I can't breathe around you. You suffocate me.

Priya felt relieved after letting all these coming out. She closed her eyes to wipe her tears when suddenly the next sound she hear is... Slap!!!

Rohan slapped Priya. His tough hands once used to caress her skin have wounded her not only physically but mentally as well. Priya suddenly fell on ground.  For few seconds Priya was not able to fathom of what just happened. She knew Rohan can harm anyone when he is angry but she never counted herself in anyone, she thought to be exceptional for Rohan. But all her assumptions clashed with Rohan's violent behaviour. Priya somehow regained her equilibrium and stood up.

"Rohan.!!" She stammered with sudden fear in her voice.

"Yea..I did slap you. You deserve this bitch.  Go and fuck that bastard.  I don't need a girl likr you. And ya I don't have any regret of slapping you. Good bye.."
Rohan walked away without any remorse of what he just did. Priya was left alone, sobbing and frightened.

Priya, as soon as she reached home, she didn't talk to anyone not even Aarush who was calling her since morning. She just went straight to her bed and dozed of crying. On the other side Aarush was getting worried. He already have called her 20 times but there was no response. On his 21st try Priya was compelled to answer him.

"Where the hell are you? Did you forgot your cell phone somewhere? I have been calling you since morning but no reply.  I'm hell concerned Pri.  Is everything alright with you?"

Priya could sense the anxiousness in his voice. She urged to tell him everything but something in her didn't wanted to so she stepped back.
"I'm sorry. Wasn't well so was sleeping whole day and cell was in silent mode so couldn't answer your call."

"Ohhh....kya hua? Why not well?"

"Nothing fever and body ache. Just took my pills. I'll be fine don't worry."

"Ohk..take rest. It means you won't meet me in the morning for walk right?"

"Hmmm...I can't. "

"No issues, you get well soon. Take care. Good bye. "

"Ya bye." Priya hung up. Aarush got a lil skeptical about Priya of hiding something from him but preferred to ask her tomarrow.

The next morning Aarush's parents were heading to Matheran, a hill station for 3 days. He was all exhilarated and excited because whenever his parents used to go for such trips, Aarush used ploy his parents by telling them that he have a lot to study and then once they are gone, used to have drinking party with his group of friends.  Even today he had that plan in mind but with a little difference. Today it would be with Priya as once she mentioned to Aarush that she wants to get drunk as its been very long to when she drank the last time.

He ushered his parents to station, adieu good bye to them and as he reached home he called Priya. Priya was still sleeping when her cellphone buzzed and she woke up. With squinted eyes she looked at the screen and smiled after seeing Aarush's name flashing on it.

"Hello...good morning sleepy head, wake up. See today I'm awake before you. Yuppie...."
Priya chuckled while she was still half sleepy.

"Hmmm....morning mote.."

"Priya, listen carefully I have a plan for you and me today."

"Plan, what plan?" Priya said surprisingly.

"Listen, my mom and dad went to hill station for 3 days so.."

"So...what you mean to say...?"

"So will you accompany me for boozing? I remember once you said me that you want to drink as its been long you did this. You coming na..?"
Priya gave it a long thought.  After what happened yesterday, she wanted to fell lighten and erase all those past memories and what's the best way than getting yourself drunk. She decided to go with the plan.

"Hmmm....well fine. But you sure na that no one gonna come there. "

"Ya very sure. You be ready by 2.30pm, I'll pick you up. After reaching down of your building I will give you a buzz. Thik hai.."

" on time. Bye."

"Bye..soon to be bevdi...hahah.."
With that both giggled and hung up. 


Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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