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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 9

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ....Chapter 9

Aarush and Priya dozzed off lying in eachother's arms when suddenly Priya's cell rang jolting both of them up. Priya reached for her cell phonr and answered the call.

"Haa...mumma I had extra lectures. On my way will be there in half n hour..bye.."
 She sighed.

Aarush still had his arm wrapped around her which didn't bothered any of them. Both could only smile at their present moment.

"Ummm....mumma called na...was she angry?"

"No just worried.."

"You know Pri, we have been sleeping since one hour. But must say I usually don't sleep in the afternoon but today I did and that too a sound and peaceful o.
He winked at her.

"Ditto motu...since what happened yesterday a must needed peaceful nap. Thanks to you.."
Priya hugged him.

"Your most welcome. Chal now I will drop you as you are already late."

"Ya...I will just get ready."
Priya brushed her hair, washed her face so that at least she looks sober and got ready to leave.

"My head is swirling. .haha...but was fun and more of soothing.  Anyways we will meet  in the morning for walk. I will come. Alright. .."

"Ya..but as soon as you reach home go straight to bed and ya be ready, sharp 7am tomarrow.  Thik hai."

" rush...orelse my mom gonna screw me up."

"Khyal rakhio moti.."

"U too.."
Aarush dropped her and waved good bye. Priya was left with no energy so she dozzed off as soon as she reached home.

The next morning Priya did had a little hangover but she was feeling sober. She can't miss her morning walks so she was all ready on time. Aarush was already waiting for her when she reached downstairs.

"How's your hangover?"

"I'm fine just thoda headache.  What about you?"

"Me..I m cool.. I'm immune to such hangovers. It doesn't really bother me." He shrugged.

"Yea..I got that dtunkard." She slapped him from behind.

"You know Rohan called me 5 times and left a sorry message to which I didn't replied. "

" means your keeping your promise. "

"Absolutely, and I feel good doing so. Yoohoo..."
She spreaded her hands and allowed the morning breeze to get in her which made her lively and feel jolly.

"Pri now that we are done with our walk lets go back at my place and some coffee and for your info I do make a good coffee..." Aarush arched his brows in appreciation.

"Wow, great idea. You been emerging as a smart individual I must say.. thanks to my company. At least by any means I want this headache to fade. Let's give a shot to your coffee motu. "

Aarush get his coffee prepared within 10 mins. Priya did liked his coffee. It tasted refreshing.
"Not bad...I must say you are already the best friend I ever had and in future you will be a great partner as in a great husband."

"Hahaha... yahaan bf ka thikana nae hai and your talking about being hubby. I failed in my first relationship.  Forget it.." he was pissed now.

"I have said you it's not your fault. And  trust me you will be..dekhna."

Aarush placed his coffee mug aside and jerked up with excitement.  He went straight to his computer table and started doing something in it. Priya was bewildered of what is suddenly wrong with him. While she was still trying to process things a song got her attention. The background song was from the movie EMI called "aankhon hi aankhon mein yun..." 

"This is one of my favourite song. Ummm..will you mind dancing with me on this track..!!"
Priya couldn't deny to his sweet request. Aarush extended his hand for her which she gracefully accepted.

"Sure, I will. Waise I'm a good dancer. You better be good."

"So m I Pri. ."
Aarush curled his right hand around her waist, Priya rested her right hand on his shoulder, both holed eachother's hand on the other side and the dance began. The dance moves were slow and subtle.

"Look in my eyes Pri only then you can feel the song."
She looked up,  she felt a sacred connection with him. She felt safe and secure to be around him. Something has changed since yesterday but only for good.

"Achha motu...just a fleeting thought. . What if we both fall for each other? What you think kya hoga??"
Aarush went expression less.  Priya tried to fathom his reaction but all in vain. Aarush smiled and said,
"If we fall for eachother we would be the best couple according to my perception. "

"Really, you think so.." Priya was surprised to hear that although some where she wanted to hear this from Aarush.

"Ofcourse. .the best gal would be mine and for her I will be come the best then what on earth I would ever wish for.." Priya blushed and Aarush could clearly see this on her face.

"Although I always wanted to dance with Alia which never happened and it never will. Anyways everything happens for good. "
Priya felt a pinch of hurt on the mention of Alia even she was clueless of why she felt so. Now she wanted to go back home. She abruptly stopped dancing and loosened her grip from Aarush's hand.

"Aarush ..I need go...its late. My mom will be worried. "
Aarush was confused with Priya's sudden mood swing.

"Oh yes..this dance made me forget everything. Let's go.."

"No that's fine. I'll get a rick. Don't bother. "

"Actually even I have to rush to station, have to meet my uncle."

" carry on with your work I will better leave.  Bye."

"Bye Pri. .Khyal rakhio"
Aarush came forward and hugged Priya. Priya reciprocated the same. Priya, was thinking of what will happen if Aarush fell for her or vice versa.  Since the mention of this topic, it's brimming in her mind. At one moment she felt happy and for other she was paranoid of losing Aarush's friendship.  As she was intrigued in her own stream of thoughts, her cell phone beeped. A message from Aarush brought her  back.

"Don't think of what will happen if something changes between us.. whatever is meant to happen it will manifest sooner or later. But remember, you was, you are and you will be my Pri no matter what happens. Zyada mat soch. .tk care..mwaah.."

The message instantly made her feel relaxed and relieved. She hugged herself for having Aarush. As vaccination ended the frequency of meeting in the morning tipped down as either of them would be busy with their respective college.  Still they used to talk and chat for numerous hours. One evening Priya cakked Aarush.  He could only hear Priya sob.

"Pri. ..what's wrong. Tell me....please... stop crying. ..I'm worried. "
He sounded petrified.

" pa....rents..." Priya stammered.

"What..about your parents.."

"They planning my marriage.  Some jerks came today to see me. I don't want this to  happen. I will kill myself if this happens. ." Her voice trailed off.

"Shhh...calm...down...first stop crying.. now it's too me in the morning.  And dare you cry..."


"Bye...remember I'm always here."

Jyoti Jangir

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