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Monday, 1 September 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 12

Circle of Love is Never Ending..... .Chapter 12

Priya and Aarush were truly, madly and deeply in love with eachother. Their love seem to blossom with every passing day. But they restrained from declaring it officially because it would unnecessarily create hovac for Alia and Rohan.  They will be in agitation which might result in tiffs. They wanted to avoid any sort of malignant effect on their newly fond love.

Meeting eachother daily, intense hugs and kisses became an integral part of their routine. They would never get tired of telling one other that how much she or he loves the other. The morning walks were now more meaningful and beautiful. Holding eachother's hand while walking, was something they both loved to do. Many a times Aarush used to kiss her whenever she was in mid of any conversation. Priya loved this mischeavious Aarush a lot.

On their regular morning walk session, they were having their coconut water when Aarush said,
"You know Pri, no doubt you look cute but the think which I like the most is..."

"Is..." Priya arched her brows.

"Is your have sexy ass...and actually I have a strong liking for assess. Don't get me wrong...I meant some guys prefer huge bosoms and some ass...I'm the later one. Someday I will spank you.." he gave a carnal smile.

"You pervert. wish to spank ain't that lucky boy..." she slapped him and he mockingly roared in pain.

"Waise I wasn't serious about spanking but I do love your ass shona..." he winked.

Priya was amused to hear shona word from him because Aarush once said her that he hate when couples use these creepy love slang like shona, jaanu, address eachother in spite of having a good formal name. But today he himself used it for her.

She said in amusement, "Oh my God...Aarush you just said shona.. did you hear what you just said me.. how come..? What I remember is that you hate all this creepy love slang.. right. ."

"Babu, when your in love, all these involuntarily comes out. It is just to show how much I love you. My love in different forms... for you baby..." he gave a charming smile which only depicted his sincerity in love for her.

" baby.."
She came and hugged him. Aarush lifted her face up and kissed her to again feel the essence of their lips to eachother.

"Ummm....Pri wats the situation at your home? Are your mom and dad got convinced with your marriagething..?"
Aarush and Priya met for dinner today. You can say a date if to be more precise, first since they got in together.

"Ya...I said them that I don't want to get married so early. As of now the matter is closed but you never know...they can abruptly decide it whenever they want. Chuck tell me, what have you decided once you complete your engineering here? Job or further studies?"

"Actually I'm planning for going abroad for further studies. I have already applied for my passport and given applications for foreign universities. 95 percent it is fixed.."
Her heart wrenched to the mere thought of getting away from him but back of the mind she knew Aarush was a man of dreams and he has all potential to accomplish them. She always wanted to be the support system for him, not a pillar who would fall weak and make him fall as well. So she controlled her emotions of sorrow to her.

"'s great Aarush. "
He clutched her hand as tight as he can because he knew that the thought of separation pinched her as well.

"You know Pri, I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to earn enough money so that 10 yrs down the line I can lie back on my chair nonchalantly, without any worries and enjoy my life in peace. My dream is to run my own business empire, a large sea facing bungalow and to have my own Mercedes that too the one on the top of all series. Gosh I so want all this to come true."
Priya could see his eyes shined bright with his ambition upholding and the determination to make them true.

She held his hand more tightly, smiled and said,
"You will Aarush. .I know..."

Aarush nodded and wrapped her in his arms.
Both knew that they will be drifted apart, but both of them remained tacit as to not wanting to further wound the situation. Their relationship was moving smoothly when there came a phase, where it hit a rock. Suddenly one day Aarush was not replying any of Priya's call and messages.  Whenever she called he disconnected.  She texted him many messages but no reply from his side. This went for two days. She was very much worried and concerned. The very next day he constantly keep calling him and finally he answered her call out of irritation.

"What.... stop nagging Pri. .what's the matter.."
Priya was shocked to hear Aarush's arrogant tone.

"How are you Aarush and where are you.? What is wrong.. sab theek hai na..." she maintained her coolness as she doesn't wanted to accelerate his anger further more.

"My nani is in I.C.U. .she is in critical condition. Past two nights I'm here. That's it...Now you know what is wrong so can you leave me alone. I don't want to talk to anyone.  Please.."

Priya was bewildered of how to react. She was hurt but more she was helpless. She tried speaking by controlling a lump in her throat.

"I was worried. Do you want me to come. And don't worry your nani will be fine.."

"I know she will be fine. It's just that when I'm out of my temperament, I prefer to be alone and aloof. I take some time to gain back my equilibrium. Only me can handle my change in temper. Neither my parents nor you can tackle it. So please leave me alone."

Aarush was helpless as he never wanted this side of his come in front of Priya but it happened.
"Ok...pls take care...and Aarush I love you.." she hung up.
Priya just broke down. She couldn't see Aarush in this state and on top of that he wanted to be deserted.
Nights and days went on where they didn't exchanged a single word. Though Priya never forget to text him good night, good morning and ask about his nani's health. His only reply was that nani is fine. She cried but never let Aarush know about it. This continued for almost a month. This phase was painful, Priya could ever imagine. One fine day Aarush finally called her.

"Hello..." she said.
There was silence.

" are you Pri. ." He asked in normal tone.

"I'm fine and you.." she said feebly.

"I'm know nani is back to home. She is much better now."

Priya was relieved to hear this.
"Oh...nicc..I told you she will be fine.."

"Hmm...look I know I shouldn't behave the way I did. You might have a lot of questions and complaints within you for me. Can we meet Pri...I know I'm a jerk but please meet me once..."

Priya was dying to meet Aarush.  He didn't give a second thought and agreed meeting him.

"Thank dad and mum gonna go out to attend some family function so better meet at mt place. We can comfortably talk. Afternoon will be fine with you.."

"Ya...fine...will be there by 3..alright. ."

"Ok...I'm glad you agreed. ."

" you tomarrow. .bye.."

"Ya...bye..and Pri listen. ."


"I love you.."
Priya felt her heart come alive. These words were no where since a month and now they again have meaning.

"I know...lov you too..."


Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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