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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....Chapter 14

Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....Chapter 14

Life is simple in a complex way. After all at the end of the day life is meant to be mercurial. It has it's own ploys set for every individual.  The time when you think life is easy and good, it takes a 'U' turn and everything is changed. Priya and Aarush were also in the same illusion that life is perfectly good for them, and here comes the time when the bubble is busted.

"Helloo.....beautiful. .....hws my baby..."  he said with his usual exhilarated mood.

"M fine...." she replied in low voice.
Aarush sense something is weird.

"Baby...tu thik hai na..." he enquired.

"Hmmmm......Aarush we need to talk. Can we meet today. It's kinda important. .."
She said with sheer worry in her voice. Aarush felt nervous as Priya wasn't sounding the same as she is generally.

"Yes Ofcourse. ....Whenever and wherever you say my jaan..."

"Okay....then meet me in Cypress's back garden in 20 mins...I'll be waiting for you..."

"Ummm...should I pick you up.."

"No...I'll manage..... .you be on time..." she said with arrogance. Aarush felt awkward by the Priya was behaving.

"Okay...fine....I'll be on time..."

"Alright. ...bye..."

"Ya...bye...I lov..." before he could complete his sentence she hung up.
Aarush was bewildered. He was all anxious by now. He instincted something odd and eerie to come.

He reached at the spot and saw Priya already waiting for him. As usual he came and hugged her from behind and pecked her. There was unusual thing about her as she didn't reciprocated to him with the hug as she always do. He preferred to ignore.

"Hi baby...whats up.. missin me na...islye you so desperately wanted to see me..." he tried altering her bad mood.
Priya just wearily smiled. She held him and made him sit.

"Come sit here...need to talk..."

Aarush sat down and intrigued himself to listen her. Priya took a moment and then said,

"Aarush, since the day you been with me...I feel content and complete. It's been only 2 yrs and the 3rd is running but still I feel that we know eachother since long time. You have been the best part of my life. When I first met you I never imagined in my wildest dream that you would become an integral part of me..."

Aarush interrupted and blurted, "Wait...what you mean by is still the same...right..."

Priya looked away and finally assembled the courage to say those heavy words which she never wanted to come out.

" heard it was..."

"Stop running around the bush. ..what's the point. ." He said with apprehension.

"We need to break up Aarush. .."
These words hit Aarush like he has been hit by some heavy stone. It hammered his heart. He was trying to comprehend Priya's words.

He sighed and calmly asked her, "Break up....wait is it because of how I treated you in the past month..."
He was dumbfounded. Priya was trying to dodge from looking into his eyes. She kept  looking away from him.

"No...that is not the reason.  The thing is...Aarush. .. I...I...don't feel..." she was searching for words.

"Ya...Pri. .bol na..."
He placed his hand on her to make her feel comfortable.

"I don't love you anymore.  I don't connect to you now a days. I don't feel anything for you. Whatever happened between you and me was good but now there's nothing. I suppose it was just a mere physical attraction. May be fling or infatuation to be more precise. So I want breakup. .."
She replied with harsh and rude tone. She looked at him and saw Aarush smiling. She was shocked.  As this wasn't the reaction she expected from him. She assumed that after listening this he would flare up and impulsively agree with breakup. But contradict to what she thought, he was calm and composed.

Aarush came closer to her, placed her face between his palms and said,
"Pri...your wish is my command, like I said I won't argue with you on this. You want to be separated, I'll do that for you. But baby you don't have to lie for this. You could have  just asked me to do it and I would agree. I won't even ask for any explanation. But it's fine if you don't want me to know the real reason, because I'm sure you definitely have some strong legit reason. .that's why your hiding it from me.."

Priya was startled. She tried her best of being rude and arrogant with him but somehow Aarush inferred that she was lying.

She moved away her face and blurted,
"Aarush I have said my reason to you, now it's on you that you want to believe it or not. That is your call. You pls spare me..."

Aarush got up and kneeled down beside her. Taking her hand in his he said,
"Pri your free now...but remember one thing I have always loved you and will always do so. We will definitely meet one day, and that day will manifest soon. Then no one can drift us apart....nor you neither your God. I believe fate has some other plans for us so he want us to part our ways for a time being but soon our paths will unite to one. Pri..don't dare to think that I would hate you for this. I can never do that because it is not fling or infatuation, it is Love..."

He smiled and kissed her forhead.
"I love you..." he whispered and turned his back to move. Priya saw him wiping his lone tear while he turned away from her. She wanted to scream and stop him but she couldn't. She restrained herself from doing so. Her hands were tied with other responsibilities. She had her own reasons to break Aarush's heart and let him go.

to be continued...

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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