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Just Saying

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

DESTINATION By Sobhan Pramanik.

~Very short story~


"Maybe I will never be able to reach my destination..." She sighed, unpinning from her lobes a pair of lapis ear stud - the blue stone of which shining rather distinctively against the round silver petals surrounding it.

"Why so? You are but an ethereal beauty." I walked across to her. 

She was sitting by the edge of the bed, her head hung low and her dangling legs in a careless swing scrubbing against the floor's carpet in a rustle - one foot then the other, like a consciously created rhythm.

"It has been five years that I am walking the same roads and today, yet again, one of the directors said a "NO" on my face, shutting my portfolio and sliding it to me against the table towards me, as I picked it up and left the room in silence." 
She shook her head, a twirl of her hair gracefully dropping by the side of her face in a steady swing, like the pages of an open book against a lazy breeze- fluttering but not turning. 
"I think...I have lost my destination, for none of my efforts seem to take me closer to it." She ended. Her eyes drawn shut, a tinge of moisture prominent on the crack.

"Destinations are not lost in the distance we have already walked to reach them" 
"Then??" She queried swallowing the lump. Her throat rose and fell.
"They are lost in the distance we give up on walking assuming that we have already lost it." I finished taking the glass of water from the table beside and removing the coaster, held it before her. 

Outside, the sun was gradually disappearing behind rows of tall buildings standing across the horizon. The visible part of the sky glowed in a faded scarlet as plugs of clouds, like white stone sculptures stood stacked and bare across its face. 

"Look, the sun is setting..." I gasped in admiration as she lowered the glass from her lips and following my gaze, answered me. And it was in that answer that I discovered her high spirits, reincarnated - to win over life soon, to be there on the big screen rather soon. 

She said, "No. The morning is nearing..."

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