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Saturday, 25 October 2014

An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-8

Destiny is a real gamer and we all are players here; Players of the game whose rules are missing. The game is called life. They both were dying and their story was dying with them as well. But, destiny had different plans for them. It chose one person to live and other person to die. It broke ‘They’ into two ‘I’s’

When you lose someone, his/her memories become the stone tied to you. It doesn't matter how far you try to walk away and how difficult it is to walk away. The big stone scrolls with you, leaving a scratch on every step you walk away.

Arjun was coming back to Ruhi. And, they were meeting at the coffee shop he worked at. They both were ill, were on medicines, and the treatments were still going on.  Yet, they  borrowed a day from their diseases and decided to spend it with each other. 

For one more day, 
they wanted to be ‘they.’

Arjun’s train was a little late and Ruhi was already waiting for him in the café. The color of her face was already fainted, but the smile on her face was thin and long. She was happy that she was finally seeing him after a long time and he was running out of breath as he ran out of the railway station. He waved his hand to stop an Auto and asked the auto-rickshaw wala to take him to the café. He said no.

Arjun tried and asked another Auto wala. He refused too.

He was feeling short of breath, he desperately needed some water,  he sat down for a while and then continued his battle to find an auto-rickshaw. He somehow got one and reached exactly one hour and twenty three minutes late.

Ruhi was still waiting for him. The smile didn't shrink at all. She was getting restless to have a sight of him. She had already eaten her nails and had two coffees and eventually she told herself to sit patiently and wait. He pushed open the door and walked inside. She stood up from her chair and he leaned forward to hug her.

“What if I don’t’ let you end the hug?” He moved his hand on her waist and collected her into him.

“I will shout,” She giggled somewhere in his chest.

“I must kiss you then…” He boxed more closer into her.

Tumhara Romance always chalu na…” [You are always in mood of romance.]

He unlocked her after a long lasting hug. As they sat down on the opposite chairs, a part of them was still standing there and hugging each other. She was finally having some colors on her face, her face turned a little pink. He stared deep into her eyes, he always did. She never figured out what he was looking at. Her eyes were as normal as someone else's eyes.

“Stop looking at me like this,” She blushed.

“I’m not looking at you, I am looking through you. You know what I see?”

“The wall?”She chuckled.

“I see us. We are healthy and happy somewhere in the future,” He smiled. She bit her lips and faked a smile.
Arjun’s friend served them coffee without even ordering and they smiled at him. “How are you doing man?” His friend asked.

“Just talking about future,” Arjun smiled back. His friend served the coffee and walked to the other end of counter.

“So, you are recovering?” He asked her.

“I hope so,” She lied diplomatically. There were no hopes left for her. HIV was multiplying and wasn't  stopping even after trying almost everything.

“Good, Doctor said I will be all fine in maximum four months,” Arjun smiled genuinely and sipped the coffee.

She faked a smile that looked genuine for a while and before a tear could trickle down from her eyes, she opted to excuse herself from the table and walked to the washroom. Her steps were quick but couldn't make her sob on the other side of the wall. Tears trickled down her eyes, and she  somehow locked herself in the washroom. She sat down on the floor and sobbed loudly. Her voice was audible outside. Arjun woke up and ran to the washroom's door.

Ruhi wasn't crying because she was dying and Arjun was surviving. Ruhi was crying because he had already seen  future with her and now she couldn't hurt him by disappearing from everywhere and leaving him alone to live in the future. She wanted him to get over her and live a normal life; make a normal girlfriend and marry her.

“Are you okay?” He asked and slapped the door twice.

She looked for a tissue paper or a handkerchief to wipe her tears and put her hand in her pocket. As she searched for it, her hand got a hold on a pilot pen inside her pocket. She pulled it out and abruptly started  digging its nib in her left wrist. After 10 hits, few blood drops managed to ooze out of her skin. She sobbed more and more, hit more and more and closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes in a very warm environment; hospital obviously. Arjun and her family were around and there was a bandage on her wrist. The clock hung above showed 2:39 AM. She noticed him on the chair beside her bed. He was still staring at her with the same look.

“What were you trying to do?” He shrugged.

“Kill myself,” she whispered like a baby.

“With a pen?” He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

She nodded.

“And why you wanted to kill yourself?"

“Because this HIV is increasing day by day and when you said- You see a HEALTHY and happy future 
through me. I knew it wasn't possible and I couldn't tell you that and…. And…” She tried to breathe. “And… I Love you and I cannot hurt you by ruining your future and present. I wanted to kill myself so that you can have a better present.”


He smiled and held her hand. He was in no mood of explanation. The only explanation to it were those two tickets for Shimla he booked.

“We are going to Shimla,” He said.


“My grandmother lives there and it is a beautiful place to be with you,”

“And?” She expected a reasonable answer.

“And… I am marrying you,” He blinked.

She blin…. Nah! She was too happy and shocked to blink.

Shimla: Few Years Later

“Grand maa, where is Ruhi?” Arjun was finally back from his hometown. He was worried about her. They hadn't talked to each other since last few days and he desperately wanted to hug and listen to her voice.

“Upstairs… where you both sit,” Grand maa replied.

“But, it is snowing outside.”

“Why don’t you ask her?”

He jumped on the stairs and reached the balcony. “Ruhi…” He called her. She didn't reply. She was just lying there lifeless on the ground. He ran towards her and checked her pulse. Her body was fuming and he couldn't spot the pulses.

“Grand maa… Call the ambulance,” he shouted.

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