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Just Saying

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I thought SHE was the blob of SILVER PAINT that I had MISTAKENLY dropped from the brush of my emotions onto the canvas of my life, to spoil a beautiful painting. I regarded her as a mistake because even after my loving her to the core, she didn't acknowledge my love. She went her way, leaving me broken.
But today when a visitor picked up that painting and commented, I realized how precious my mistake was. 
The visitor said, "The moon is amazing and its sheen, serene as ever. You paint amazing moonlit nights" He said so, overlooking the beautifully drawn village and the wavy reflection of the moon on the pond. 
I smiled as he took away the painting, leaving me with a wad of notes.
~Even an unrequited love, beyond the realms of your realization, is a blissful act in itself in itself.

-Sobhan Pramanik-

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  1. Very well written!! The feelings never fade even if I re read them.. :)


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